The Ultimate Guide To Hair Perfume

The Ultimate Guide To Hair PerfumeNot every individual has the kind of skin that can absorb enough scent so as to leave a trail behind. For many, getting to the workplace without the cloud of fragrance having vanished into thin air is a bonus! This is one of the aspects that has led to the popularity of hair perfumes. Considering just how large a surface area that hair provides, the scent of a hair perfume clings to it better; providing a longer-lasting fragrance.

Apparently, the concept of hair perfumes is not new. Perfumed wigs and hair pomades using hair mist or essential oils can be traced back to the 18th century. But is there need to buy a hair perfume when you already have body perfume? Can’t you just spray the body perfume on your hair? This article tries to answer this and more questions regarding hair perfume.

What Is Fragrance For Your Hair All About?

As its name suggests, hair fragrance, as with hair mists, gives your hair that aromatic smell. It’s designed specifically for hair so it usually has a longer-lasting effect than body fragrances. And even though its main function is to add fragrance, a hair perfume confers a ton of other benefits. Some hair perfumes can turn your bad hair day into a good one by detangling it and adding freshness.

Why You Need to Buy Hair Perfume

The concept behind inventing hair perfume is that nearly every individual is living a fast life that causes hair to be constantly exposed to dirt and dust. This causes hair to become sweaty and, subsequently, produce an unpleasant odor. The quickest solution for your sweaty, smelly hair is a hair perfume, which you can spray up to two times in one shot. The best thing about hair perfumes is that they are travel-friendly. Plus, they’re available at very affordable prices, with each product lasting quite a long time. If you’re still on the fence about buying a hair perfume, here are a few more reasons to convince you.

1. It Keeps Your Hair Less Oily – Many people shy away from hair perfumes because they have this assumption that they will dampen their hair texture. Well, this is simply not true. Most hair perfumes are available in spray form, which means that they won’t make your hair any oilier than it already is. Also, a hair perfume cannot affect the texture of your hair. The only thing it does it to give your hair a good fragrance.

2. Adds Freshness and Fragrance to Your Hair – Exposing your hair to the harsh elements in the environment often makes it dirty and stinky. Now, the most effective way to get rid of the odor and dirt is to wash it using a quality shampoo. However, you may not always have the resources to wash your hair. Perhaps you’re heading to your workplace after a sweaty workout and are limited on time. A better product to use in such instances is a hair perfume. With just one spray of the hair perfume, your hair will smell great for the rest of the day.

3. Minimal Investment – When shampooing your hair, the least amount of time you can spend is 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we don’t always have that much time to spare in the morning, especially if you’re juggling between getting your kids ready for school and styling your hair. This is where hair perfumes come in handy. They are quick and easy to apply. Just spray the perfume all over your hair then comb it. If your hair is a little oily, we recommend starting with a dry shampoo before applying the perfume.

How to Use Hair Perfume

As mentioned earlier, you can perfume your hair at any time of the day if you want to add some freshness. However, if you plan to be spraying the perfume every morning, there are a few routine steps you should follow:

Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

Wash Your Hair

The easiest way to ensure that the fragrance lasts is to apply the perfume on clean hair. Invest in a quality sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly before spraying it.

Also, keep in mind that your hair can start to smell if it’s too greasy. So, if you realize that the roots are getting too oily, wash it! But what if you’re using a scented shampoo to wash your hair?

Well, the fragrance from a scented shampoo doesn’t last that long. Therefore, supplementing its fragrance using a hair perfume is a good idea. Also, if you use scented shampoos, then you should look for hair perfumes that have a similar fragrance.

Moisturize Your Locks

Depending on the hair perfume that you choose, it may have alcohol that dehydrates your hair. To prevent your locks from losing moisture after scenting it, it’s advisable that you moisturize it beforehand. You can use a hair conditioner to add moisture to your hair once you’ve washed it.

  • For those who have coarse, color-treated or any other hair that usually has a dry texture, a regular conditioner may not be enough to hydrate it. As such, you should consider a leave-in conditioning treatment as well.
  • If your hair is dry most of the time, you should substitute your regular conditioner with a deep conditioning treatment or mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

Dry Your Hair

Dry Your Hair with Hair Blower

Hair perfume has a longer-lasting effect when it’s applied on dry hair as opposed to wet hair. When your hair is wet, the water creates a barrier, which prevents the perfume from penetrating to your tresses. Therefore, once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, dry it thoroughly before scenting it.

Drying your hair also ensures that the hair perfume doesn’t damage your hair. If you have limited time, you can use a blow dryer to dry your hair more quickly. Just ensure that the blow dryer is on the lowest setting as extreme heat can cause hair breakage.

Spray Your Hair with Perfume

When your hair is dry, hold the perfume bottle at least 20 cm from your head and mist your locks lightly.

The Bottom Line

Hair perfume is just as the name suggests: a perfume designed specifically for spraying on your hair. Beyond its luxurious packaging, however, hair perfumes do a lot more than make your hair smell nice. The latest hair perfumes also serve as frizz fighters. Some even protect your hair against harmful UV rays while others help to rejuvenate your hairstyle.