Why You Should Purchase A Water Wave Frontal

A Water Wave FrontalWhat is the one thing that water and a water wave frontal have in common? A carefree, water wave pattern, you bet!

It so happens sometimes that women get tired of rocking popular weave bundles and may resort to seeking other beautiful styles. If looking for beautifully curly hair made human hair, one of their go-to styles are water wave frontal hair extensions. Water wave hairpieces last for a very long time. The hair comes in loose, unruly bundles, resembling wet hair. The interesting thing about rocking water wave frontal is that, the longer you have them on, the better their appearance becomes. Water wave frontals can be rocked for holidays, parties or even at the office.

Water wave frontal hair extensions using human hair or even virgin hair have dense, voluminous roots, and thinner ends, which gives a natural effect. They are also known for their awesome blendability. The frontal has a Swiss lace panel which measures 13x4 inches. The aim of lace frontal hair extensions is to give the illusion of a natural hairline and to give different types of parting options. To get a more believable look, the water wave frontal comes with some tiny leave-outs that can be plucked to resemble the much-loved baby hair. This is one of the reasons why African-American girls adore them—they feel and look just like their natural crown.

In addition, this type of wave frontal has been proven to reduce the size of the face, making it smaller. Water wave frontals can be made using hair strands from Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian or Peruvian donors.

Water wave hair extensions are known for their sheen and mild luster, making it very age-appropriate for women of color of different ages. If you want to look a few years younger, try out a water wave frontal.

Where Should You Purchase Your Water Wave Frontal?

When choosing a water wave frontal, it is very important to opt for an install that is a perfect or near match to your natural hair color. This is because you wouldn’t want observers spotting the difference between your hairpiece and your natural hair.

Can You Color This Frontal?

Styling Your Water Wave FrontalYou can decide to dye, tint or bleach your hairpiece to match your preferred hair color. It is highly recommended that you visit an expert hairdresser to help you with this.

What About Styling?

Water wave frontals are indeed very unique, it has its signature style. You don’t have to lose sleep about styling options because they are stylish in their natural forms. This frontal hairpiece should not be heat-styled to avoid causing damage to the texture of the hair.

Installing A Water Wave Frontal

To fix a water wave frontal, you may decide to go for a sew-in or tape-in. If you want a seamless look, by all means, use an adhesive that will not damage your natural hairline.

Shedding / Tangling

This frontal hairpiece is prone to tangling; however, it is important to avoid vigorous combing when it tangles to avoid shedding or hair breakage. Always detangle a water wave when it is half wet, detangling dry curls causes them to frizz out.

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