The Popular Hair Frontal Style – Straight

Straight Hair FrontalWomen like Naomi Campbell have made straight, long hairpieces their signature look and more women are joining the bandwagon because it is simply timeless. Caramel-toned women, who are not blessed with straight hair, can achieve this look by fixing a straight hair frontal together with some stunning bundles to go with it. The fascinating thing about this type of frontal hair extensions is that a medium length like 14” can go with a shorter length like 10” or a longer length like 30”.

African-American women wear straight hair for some reasons: to add length, volume, color, and to rejuvenate their personal style. Some even wear these hair extensions because they are suffering from hair loss or have a receding hairline

Straight hair frontals are still quintessential hairpieces because of their undetectable hairline which has some really beautiful edges. Top-of-the-range straight frontals are made using 100% human hair from Malaysia, Peru, Brazil or India, the hair usually comes unbleached and unplucked.

Why the Straight Hair Frontal Is Still One of the Best

Straight hair will never go out of fashion, every melanin-rich colored sister out there wants shiny, gorgeous tresses that dance to the tune of the wind and catches the attention of onlookers when they walk by. These are some of the reasons why straight frontal hair extensions are light years ahead of their counterparts:

  • You do not have to bother your pretty head about letting your luscious locks out in the open. Straight hair does not frizz on exposure to open hair.
  • They are very easy to maintain—it takes little or no work to make your pretty tresses look glossy and shiny at all times.
  • You can wake up in the mornings and kick off your day without having to bother about a regimented morning routine for your hair. Your hairpiece will be as good as new, once you’ve run a brush through it.
  • The simplest of hairstyles look effortlessly clean and nicely done in straight frontals. Can you count the number of times you have had to screenshot pictures of black women rocking sleek straight hair in different styles off Instagram?

Coloring Straight Hair Frontals

Original human hair lace frontal hair extensions can be dyed, bleached or tinted to your preferred color.

Styling Straight Hair Frontals

Styling Straight Hair FrontalOf all the frontals, the straight hairpiece is the most versatile. Women who are proud owners of one can style them in different patterns. You can further straighten the hair with a flat iron or curl it with a curling iron. Straight hair frontals can be packed into a bun, a ponytail or parted in different dimensions. If you are big on cornrow braids, you can do your bidding. The bottom-line is to have fun while you choose a style that you are comfortable in. It will do you a ton of good to know that your add-on hairpiece’s worst enemy is heat.

Installation of a Straight Frontal Hairpiece

To get your straight frontal hairpieces perfectly straight, you have to put in quite some work. You will be satisfied with your polished look after laying your installs in a posh manner. Straight hair frontals can be secured to your scalp using glue, sew-ins, clip-ins, elastic bands or tapes. You are always free to choose anyone that appeals to you.

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