All About Silk Frontals

All About Silk FrontalsOne of the best ways to add volume and length to your natural crown is by installing silk frontal hair extensions. A silk frontal is made using a silk base material, which has a nude, skin-line appearance to mimic a natural scalp.

The weave is embedded into the silk base fabric to give a realistic hairline which can be styled in different ways. On silk frontal and lace frontal hair extensions, there is usually a silk patch sewn in. This helps to make the scalp look very real.

This type of closure is also popular among African-American women because of their durability and thickness. The key to getting maximum satisfaction when rocking a silk frontal is to ensure that they are undetectable.

Benefits of Using Silk Based Frontals

  • Silk base frontals last longer than their lace counterparts.
  • Women usually go for silk frontals because of their unique skin resemblance; nobody wants their frontal hairline spotted from miles away.
  • Frontals made with silk material do not require any form of bleaching because the knots are invisible, giving an illusion of a natural scalp.

What Should You Consider Before Using?

  • Silk base frontals are not very suitable for darker skin tones, so women of color might not get much luck using this frontal. For a dark-skinned woman to get a silk base to match her natural scalp, she has to alter the silk fabric by tinting it. It is not uncommon to see some African-American women using concealers or eye-shadow to match the color of the silk material to their scalp color. Too stressful, right?
  • Silk frontals are always thicker, thereby posing challenges during installation. Women who have used this type of frontal have reported getting installs that are not flat.
  • Silk frontals are more expensive to create.

Silk Frontals


Popularly referred to as a silk frontal, this hair accessory comes in different forms, as to suit the needs of different buyers. The first type is the one-part frontal, which has a parting in the middle. The one-part frontal measures 13x4 inches.

The second type of the silk frontal is the called the freestyle silk base frontal which is what is seen as the natural looking hairline. The freestyle silk base frontal can be demarcated from anywhere because of its versatility.

The third type is popularly referred to as a three-part frontal, which can be called the drawcard of silk frontals. Three-part frontals are so versatile, allowing users to open a parting in the middle, right or left – wherever they like.

Customizing Your Silk Frontals

A lot of African-American female bloggers and YouTubers have created videos on how they customize their silk frontals using dyes to bleach the silk materials to get a shade that is close to their scalp color. If you are just getting your feet “wet” in this field, it is advisable to visit a professional stylist to have this done for you.

Installing Your Silk Frontal

To get a gorgeous looking install, you can secure your silk base frontals using sew-ins, clip-ins, and glue.

Silk Frontal vs. Silk Closure

Silk frontals are bigger than their closure counterparts, which is where the main difference between these two types lie.

Other Types of Weave Frontals