Find Out If Loose Wave Frontals Are Right For You

Loose Wave FrontalsHair extensions, lace frontal, the Brazilian body wave frontal, Remy hair, human hair, virgin hair… we will use almost anything to perfect our hairstyle and make a good first impression. After all, first impressions matter – always remember that! That is why it is advisable always to step out looking your best, from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Now, imagine how much of a bombshell you’d look if you stepped out in a bespoke crown that looked luxurious and high luster! How about how you’d look if you stepped out in a gorgeous piece of loose wave frontals with some lovely bundles to go with it?

Loose wave frontals are usually soft, smooth, and very shiny. Little wonder they are one of the luxurious hairpieces owned by African-American celebrities from Beyoncé to Kenya Moore. The high luster property of a loose wave is maintained till after a few washes when it takes on a mild luster and more natural look. Loose wave frontals are usually 13x4 inches in measurement (from ear to ear).

What Are Loose Wave Frontal Made Of?

Loose wave frontals are either made with lace or silk bases. However, the most common type available in markets is Swiss lace loose wave frontals. High-quality loose wave frontals are usually made with 100% virgin locks, with their cuticles aligned. They are tangle-free hairpieces which have minimal to no-shedding properties. Loose wave frontals have double wefts, which makes it possible for the hair to retain curls even after washing.


Styling Your Loose Wave FrontalWomen of color have the opportunity of styling their loose waves frontals. Loose wave frontals give a clean, exotic look and bring out the “goddess” in every gorgeous black woman.

You can choose to do a center part, a side part, an updo or even a bob loose wave frontal. One thing is certain; you’d look drop dead gorgeous in these charming postiches.

Loose wave frontals can also be flat ironed or curled with a curling iron, though it is advisable to heat-style just once in a week.

Can You Bleach Your Loose Wave Frontal?

Women of color who fancy colored hairpieces can bleach, tint or dye their loose wave frontals to suit their preferences.

Installing A Loose Wave Frontal

Loose wave frontals can be situated on your scalp via a number of installation techniques which include; sew-ins, clip-ins or bonding (with an adhesive).

Frontal Care Tips

Your loose wave frontals might not outlive the biblical “Methuselah” but, with the right hair care routines, you will be impressed at how long these beautiful tresses will last. These are some helpful tips you should know about maintaining loose wave frontals.

Washing A Loose Wave Frontal

  • Lay out the frontal hairpiece alongside a bowl of clean water.
  • Immerse hair into the water and pour in some mild shampoo.
  • Towel the hair till it stops dripping water.
  • Air dry the hair till it is as good as new.

Nighttime Routines

  • Use a scarf to wrap your hair before you go to sleep – this is to reduce friction which causes drying and matting of hair.
  • Spray a little amount of mist on the hair at night, then add a small amount of argan oil to the ends of the hair which are usually fragile.

Other Types of Weave Frontals