All About Lace Frontals

A Lace FrontalsHuman hair extensions, virgin hair, Remy hair, natural hair the lace frontal closure… the list of ways to change your hair is almost limitless. But what about lace frontals? Lace frontals, such as the lace frontal wig, have become very mainstream because of their ease of use and great benefits. What’s more, there is a long list of options for users to choose from these days. Lace frontals are frontal hairpieces that have hair strands embedded into a transparent lace panel. Swiss lace is the most common type of lace used for this type of frontal. Did you know that these locks are usually hand-sewn? Lace frontals cover the perimeter of the head, giving a realistic look because they are very stretchy.

Most lace frontals come in different inch sizes including 13x2, 13x4 and 13x7. The measurements come from measuring the length of the hairline, from one ear to another (13 inches) and a parting space which can either measure (2, 4 or 7 inches). Lace frontal hairpieces are usually soft and tangle-free with minimal shedding.On average, a lace frontal will have 120% density and can be styled to suit the styling preferences of the owner.

Making a Lace Frontal Look Natural

To give the illusion of a natural hairline, the knots of the hair strands embedded unto a lace panel are usually bleached. For African-American women who want their hairlines to look like the hair strands are growing from the scalp, the single knots which form the weave frontal should be bleached. It is imperative to be careful while bleaching the knots to avoid damage to the product. Also, if you apply very little bleach, it will guarantee the longevity of the product.

Furthermore, to make your lace hairpiece look like its hair strands are deep-rooted in your scalp, use a pair of tweezers to pluck away the hair strands to mimic the gradient look of a natural hairline.

Benefits of Using This Type of Frontal

  • Lace frontals give a believable look, they blend perfectly with your natural hairline. Ever had the expression “What lace?”
  • Ease of use: Lace frontals are easy to install or take off, you can remove them from your scalp and fix them whenever you like.
  • Lace frontals give your tresses the desired break they need.
  • With lace frontals, you have no need to use an adhesive or a tape.

Downsides of Frontals Made From Lace

  • Lace frontals that are not secured with glue or tape might slip off your scalp when you least expect it. You wouldn’t want that happening while on a date, would you?
  • Lace frontals which are installed using adhesives can be deleterious to your scalp and hairline, especially is your hair care game is poor.

Installing a Lace Frontal

Installing a Lace Frontal WigThankfully, installing a lace frontal has been made as simple as taking a walk in the park. You can either use sew-ins, glue or customize your frontal as a removal unit.

If you are a fan of glue-less frontals, it will intrigue you to know that you do not need any product to get a gorgeous install. To get a pretty super-flat install, many women use elastic bands that measure the same length as their lace frontals.

Lace Closure vs. Lace Frontal

The major difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal is size. Lace closures are usually smaller than lace frontals.

Other Types of Weave Frontals