Everything You Need To Know About Deep Wave Frontals

A Deep Wave FrontalsThe texture of your hair frontal plays a vital role in your lookbook. “How?” you might ask. The texture of your hair will totally change your hairstyle. There are a lot of different types of texture to choose from, but our focus here is the deep wave hair. Deep wave frontals have a luxurious feel, in addition to its satiny and shiny look, depending on whether or not it is made using human hair such as virgin hair, Indian hair or Brazilian hair. Deep wave frontals are usually confused with curly frontals or body wave frontals. Though they both bear a semblance in their curl patterns, it may surprise you to know that they are worlds apart.

Deep wave frontals have tight, traditional wet and wavy curls that are huge. These tight waves give the frontal a healthy look that oozes sheen. Deep wave hair has smoother and deeper waves than body waves. They are perfect for the addition of thickness and length of African-American women with curly hair types. This wavy hair frizzes up quicker than other types of curly hair so it is good to inform you that it requires proper maintenance to stay polished.

African-American women who suffer from thinning and weak hair, opt for deep waves because they give the appearance of a healthy mop of hair. These tresses are widely known for their flexibility and they blend with virtually all hair types.

Using deep wave lace frontal is a perfect way to protect your hair while adding some voluptuous waves to boost your hair volume. Like other types of frontals, deep waves come with beautiful “baby hair” which give a realistic look and natural-scalp like appearance.

Can You Color A Deep Wave Frontal?

Deep wave frontals come in black or dark brown shades, which can be tweaked by bleaching, dying or tinting, though doing this could ruin them. Curly and wavy hair types have been texturized and coloring them requires further processing. If you are bent on changing the color of your frontal, visit a professional hairdresser.

Styling Your Frontal

Styling Your Deep Wave FrontalThe array of options that come with styling deep wave frontals is one of the reasons why this hair type is loved by all and sundry. Have you tried doing a C-part on your deep wave frontal? You will totally fall in love. You can also do a middle parting, side or double parting while rocking this hairpiece.

Heat-styling deep wave hair can alter the texture. This hair does not require any form of heat-styling. Instead, simply replace the curling iron with flexi rods. Avoid brushing your deep wave while styling, no matter how tempting it gets. Brushing causes the waves to unwind so replace the brush with a wide tooth comb instead.

Installing Your Deep Wave Frontal Hairpiece

To avoid shedding after installation, do not cut the weave tracks and refrain from weaving through the weave tracks. This type of frontal can be attached to the scalp through the use of adhesives, sew-ins, clip-ins or tape.


No joke. Deep wave hairpieces are seriously high maintenance! If your hair maintenance game is not tight, you might wake up one day to find a matted, spongy, and messy mass on your head. To avoid this, braid the hair into a twist and cover up with a satin cap before you go to bed.

Other Types of Weave Frontals