What Are The 4 Different Types of Curly Frontals?

Types of Curly FrontalsIf you ask a hair vendor to provide you with curly frontal hair extensions made of virgin hair, there is a huge probability that they will ask you: “What type of curly?” Caramel-colored women have been known to have different types of hair follicles growing out from their scalps and same applies to curly frontals.

There exist different types of curly frontals that are determined by the shape of hair strands. Hair strands can take on a curvy, spiral or kinky shape. It is intriguing to know that some African-American women have a combination of curly hair on their head of hair – it is only right to get matching frontals for a realistic look.

Types of Curly Frontals

Curly frontals can be grouped into 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Type 1

This type of curly frontal is usually straight and they are classified into A, B, and C.

Type 2

Wavy curly frontals are usually referred to as Type 2 frontals. They are bendable with textures that range from fine to coarse and they have a distinct “S” pattern. They are also sub-classified into A, B, and C, depending on how their “S” patterns are formed.

Type 3

Frontals that usually have loose to tight curls are known as Type 3 frontals. They have a good amount of sheen but are very prone to frizz. Type 3 frontals are divided into A, B, and C. These classes of curly frontals are the most popular on the market. Black women who desire breathtaking curls like Diana Ross or Kelly Rowland should try out a Type 3 curly frontal.

Type 4

Most kinky hair types fall within this class. Type 4 curly frontals, also known as coily frontals, are usually dry. Their texture ranges from fine/soft to wiry/coarse. However, this type of frontal shrinks very quickly. If you are a huge fan of Shia Jackson’s kinky hair, you’d be obsessed with the coily frontals.

Curly frontals look very thick and fluffy; however, the curls might become too unruly to tame. Women of color love curly frontals because they are great hairpieces to fix when planning to transition into something natural.

Bleaching Curly Frontals

Bleaching Curly FrontalsColoring or bleaching of the frontals will alter the hair’s texture or even damage it.


Like most types of lace frontal, due to the nature of the coils, styling curly lace frontal hair extensions might be quite limiting. However, you can have great success packing your frontals in a cute ponytail or chic high bun. Avoid any form of heat styling at all costs – it will break down the curls and cause an irreversible damage.

Installing a Curly Wave Frontal

Curly wave frontals can be laid on your scalp using conventional means like sew-ins, clip-ins or adhesives.


To ensure that you enjoy your money’s worthwhile having a curly install of virgin hair (unprocessed human hair) or synthetic hair, your hair care routine must be top-notch. The hair strands of some curly lace frontal hairpieces are fragile and prone to drying, thus requiring the utmost care. You should treat your curly frontal as you would your natural hair. Lightly wet and oil your fingers before running them through your tresses every day.

Other Types of Weave Frontals