Why You Should Consider Getting A Body Wave Frontal

Everyone Seems To Love The Body Wave Style Frontal

The Body Wave Style FrontalDuring the late 20th century, African-American men styled their short-cropped hair with accessories like a do-rag and other hair extensions, to allow their hair to take on the pattern of a body wave. Years later, their African-American counterparts have joined them on the journey of achieving charming, wavy tresses using human hair.

Body wave frontals are frontals which are stunning and soft, sporting thick hair strands with a natural luster. Body wave frontals can be made using Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian or Brazilian body waves hair, as well as virgin hair. The body wave lace frontal has a unique “S” pattern which gives the hair big, wavy curls. This class of frontal hairpiece measures 13x4 inches, with an undetectable hairline along a Swiss lace panel, which gives an impression of the hair strands springing from the scalp.

Body waves always look very natural with a nice flow. This type of frontal is not too curly neither is it straight and, for lack of better words, you can call body waves the “go-between straight and curly hair.” Women of color who are bored with the Naomi Campbell straight hair look or Diana Ross curly hair look can revamp their appearance by going for a body wave.

Good quality body wave frontals are usually made of 100% unprocessed virgin hair (unprocessed human hair) which features a reinforced double weft and split ends that are very healthy. The top-quality pre-plucked natural hairline of a body wave is its bestseller. Do not be surprised if you notice any form of dryness around the ends of your body wave after installation. It is perfectly normal—it is a testament to the fact that the hair has lost all forms of nutrients supplied by the donor.

Styling Your Body Wave Frontals

Nadula Brazilian Hair ColoringThis multi-purpose hair can be designed to form beautiful hairstyles depending on the choice of the user. It can take on a side part, center part or even multiple parts. The only downside to using body wave frontals is that over time, the curls become loose and might totally disappear before your very eyes.


Body wave frontals can be bleached, dyed or tinted. It is easier to color the hair to a darker shade than a lighter one. It is imperative to visit a professional hair stylist to help dye your body wave frontals, as coloring them on your own can damage them.

Shedding and Tangling

Top-quality body wave frontals, in most cases, are tangle-free because their cuticles remain intact after they have been cut from the donor’s scalp. However, other factors like oil, saline water, dirt, chlorine, and dryness can cause your luscious tresses to tangle.

Body wave frontal shed very minimal strands of hair, it is okay to come up with a few strands when you run your fingers through your hair.

Effects of Washing on Body Waves

Body waves are usually created using steam; there are no forms of acid baths whatsoever. If you wash your body wave frontals in water, it will loosen the waves further.

Installing Your Body Wave Frontal

Laying down a body wave frontal on your scalp is quite an easy task. You can get a super-gorgeous install by either using sew-ins, adhesives or tape. The choice is yours but know this – you will look amazing however you fix this gorgeous frontal hairpiece!

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