360 Frontals

What is a 360 frontal?

What is a 360 frontal?Of all weave frontals, only one goes around the circumference of your head: the 360 frontal. The 360 frontal, which is made of lace, is a full head of weave that covers the head completely and looks like natural hair. The hairpiece goes around the perimeter of the head to reduce weave installation time.

To secure the frontal to your hair, an adjustable hook is used. These hair extensions have a wide parting space which gives off a natural look – and baby hairs which are formed by pre-plucking the hairline.

This family of frontals, usually created from virgin hair which is human hair that has not undergone any form of acid baths and with its cuticle still aligned, has a density full thickness of about 130%. This type of natural hair frontal is the best updos and stylish ponytails, you are good to go with just a few bundles.

Why Women Wear These Types of Frontals?

Choosing A 360 FrontalsWomen love 360 frontals like kids love candy for various reasons which might include a change of hair color, change of hairstyle, or revamping their entire look. Furthermore, the scalp will get a breather! Imagine finally doing away with all that itching and heat.

It would be heavenly! 360 frontals have warmed their way into the hearts of many beautiful women of color because it of their flexibility. You can customize yours to your taste – this not only saves money but also time spent taking a trip to the salon.

Women suffering from alopecia – either mild or severe – now have the option of choosing a frontal that will make their balding invisible and makes it look like their natural hair.

Benefits of Choosing 360 Frontals

  • This frontal hairpiece has baby hair (also known as a pre-plucked hairline) which gives a more natural look when installed.
  • The wider parting space gives a very realistic look too.
  • The 360 lace frontal is the best frontal for personal styling. You can style to chic ponytails and sleek updo hairstyles like high buns.
  • They are dense and full, giving you off a gorgeous appearance when worn.

Downsides of Choosing 360 Frontals

  • You might notice that they start slipping back or off after a period of time.
  • Failure to maintain the weave might cause damage to your scalp.
  • Need for constant retouching as the adhesive lasts only a couple of days.
  • The adhesive used to secure the frontals can cause irritation to the skin.

Does the Hair Shed?

360 frontals that have not undergone any form of chemical treatments or processing will not shed. The frontals have double wefts with aligned virgin cuticles which do not tangle. With proper maintenance, you can comfortably rock your frontal hairpiece for about 12 months.

How Many Bundles Do I Need With A 360 Frontal?

As our faces differ, so do the measurements of heads. However, the rule of thumb states that the shorter the hair, the lower the number of bundles you should use. If you want a frontal tailored to meet your measurements, lengths varying from 12–14” usually require two bundles whereas lengths which range from 22–28” require about four bundles.

Installation A 360 Frontal

To install 360 frontals, you can secure using the following:

  • Glue
  • Sewing
  • Clip-ins

Bottom Line

360 lace frontals are all the rave in the beauty world. Many African-American YouTubers have made countless videos on how to get the best installs using this revolutionary hairpiece.

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