Kylisstof: The Little Known Hair Extension Brand That We LOVE

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  • Affordability Rating 90% 90%
  • Smell Rating 96% 96%
  • Silkiness Rating 99% 99%
  • Shed Rating 94% 94%
  • Does it Last? 92% 92%

Kylisstof's Overall Rating


Hair Critics recommends Kylisstof as providing one of the highest quality clip-in hair extensions on the market today.

Luxurious Quality. Long Lasting. No Smell.

hair spin with extensions inWhether you are looking to add some length, change up your look, or maybe something to increase your confidence, hair extensions are the perfect solution for a quick fix. However, with so many different options from synthetic to human, the process of buying hair extensions – good quality hair extensions – can be a bit overwhelming.This is where Kylisstof comes in.

An anagram made up of the words “silky” and “soft,” the brand’s mission is to not only to create and sell “the most luxurious, silkiest, softest, seamless, clip in remy hair extensions in the world,” but to do so with a marketing price suited for any woman. Now that’s something that I can get behind. Not only are the extensions seamless and easy to install as clip-ins; they also keep your natural hair safe unlike other extension styles that can strain and weaken your hair.

What I Loved About The Hair

image of hair

The first thing I noticed right out of the box was the thinness of the actual clips (tracks). I love how Kylisstof is using some of the the thinnest clips we have ever seen…this makes blending the extensions with your natural hair more seamless. There is nothing worse than having big, thick clips on your extensions that are able to be seen when worn!

The second thing I really loved about the hair was the smell – it smelled like real hair! Most extensions have at least some type of synthetic or weird smell to them. However, these did not. I barely could tell the difference in smell between my natural hair vs the Kylisstof extensions.

Simple Ordering & Return Process

Kylisstof even takes the confusion out of the hair buying process with their three step shopping process:

Step One – Choosing your ideal hair weight and length: Customers can choose their extension options based on whether their natural hair is fine, medium, or thick. The fine extension set is eighteen inches long, the medium set is twenty inches long, and the thick set is twenty two inches long. Unsure about which category your hair fits into? The Kylisstof site has an extremely helpful FAQ section that tackles any and every question that you may have.

How It LooksAppearanceWeight & LengthHighlights 

fine hair
Fine125 grams & 18 inches
  • For Thinner Hair

medium hair
Medium165 grams & 20 inches
  • For Regular Hair

thick hair
Thick230 grams & 22 inches
  • For Thicker Hair

Step Two – Choose a color: This is the fun part. There are sixteen different colors and shades of extensions to choose from ranging from your natural hair colors to the more contemporary chic balayage and ombre hair coloring trends; all able to blend easily into your natural hair.

hair tones

Step Three – Add to cart: Based on your selections, the site will show you your custom hair selection. In going through the process to buy my own set of Kylisstof extensions, I ended up with the Medium Espresso #1C full set for only $159.99. Did I mention that there’s free shipping to the United States and an awesome 30 day return policy?

With Kylisstof hair extensions, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible hair quality at the best possible price. They’re made from genuine, double-drawn remy human hair (the best and highest grade of human hair extensions available), and shipped to your door in beautiful packaging designed specifically for hair extensions from. With the tracks being thin and lightweight, in addition to its remy quality, there is a very low chance of the hair tangling. The great price point comes from the brand being able to cut out the middleman by sourcing directly from their factory in China to selling straight to you, the buyer.

Kylisstof Is One of Our Top Recommended Extensions !


The packaging the hair comes in is high quality and very similar to some of the other popular hair extension brands on the market. My extensions were delivered in a pink box, which came with a “test hair strands” that I was able to use to ensure the color that I ordered match my natural hair color. You can often tell the quality of the hair even before you clip it in by the packaging it comes in – if a company invests in their packaging you can be sure they’ve also invested in sourcing the highest quality hair.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

What more can I say? The company knows about hair extensions and, most importantly, the women that wear them. There’s even a bit of a fan club: a whopping 98% of the reviews on their website are five star, all submitted by women who have bought and worn the hair (and are still wearing it). No fake reviews here, each comment is verified to be from an actual buyer. Roma Maghirang bought her hair in September 2018 in the thick jet black #1 set. The hair blends into her natural hair perfectly and can hold curls “like an absolute dream.”

Under the Hair Blog section of the brand’s website, there are links to hairstyle and tutorial videos in addition to posts on about different hair tips and tricks. Once you receive your extensions in the mail, there’s even a video on how to install your clip in extensions, making it a great resource for first time buyers.

Ever immersed in their business of “silky soft hair extensions, “and the women who love them, crave them, and most importantly, DESERVE them,” Kylisstof is the obvious choice for any woman looking for something a new.

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