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  • Affordability Rating 75% 75%
  • Smell Rating 90% 90%
  • Silkiness Rating 93% 93%
  • Shed Rating 90% 90%
  • Does it Last? 95% 95%

Bellami Hair's Overall Rating

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Hi Ladies! We’ve been receiving some reoccurring complains about Bellami Hair so we don’t feel its write to recommend them to our reader base any longer. I’m sure they will get their act together soon, but for now we just wanted to put out a warning. Instead, you’re welcome to check out Kylisstof – one of our top rated extension brands.
Sheds. Smells. Doesn’t Last.

Everyone on instagram is wearing Bellami extensions…are they really the best? 

Wearing hair extensions can do wonders to your self confidence! Take it from someone who has pretty fine/thin hair! Not only do I LOVE wearing them, I also I love writing about them.  Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve tried a plethora of different hair extensions, since I love them so much! I’ve seriously tried every extensions brand out there, From Hairdo to Goddess, Luxy, Remy hair to even cheap hair on Ali Express! You name it, I’ve tried it. My latest fave is Bellami hair. I will be covering multiple aspects of Bellami hair extensions, ranging from their appearance to authenticity and life expectancy to shedding and tangling (if any).

options from Bellami Hair

I normally do extensive research before buying any product, but when it comes to buying hair extensions, I double my research efforts. Before buying Bellami hair extensions, I did my double-research, looking for worthy extensions at a reasonable price. I shortlisted a range of brands, evaluated them against my preferences and listed them according to the claims made by the manufacturers on their websites. Bellami topped the list, so I went for it. From the pictures I saw on their website, (probably spent a good  hour and 30 mins going through and browsing haha) I fell in love with a chocolate brown extensions. Those seemed very promising and looked as though they’d compliment my natural hair and blend perfectly. So, I picked the 220g 22 inches extensions.


Deciding between which hair extension brand you should purchase from? 

Ordering and Shipping

Now, here’s how it went down, I placed the order on their website here, and the company handled the ordering process and shipping very seamlessly. I received the package within two days! Now let’s get into the extensions – I quickly opened the package and there I saw they gorgeous hair extensions. It looked identical to the pics on their website, whew! 


how bellami hair appears

Unlike other companies, Bellami has pictures of its actual products on its website, and they show you their real products so that you can make quick decisions. And when I say they show you their real products, I mean there are websites out there that have beautiful pictures of their extensions and when you receive them, they aren’t the same product…at all, color, style etc. Crazy I know. The hair was beautiful with smooth, fine texture and lustrous appearance. The silky locks perfectly blended with my natural hair and there was zero detection. The extensions looked completely natural. The hair was very easy to comb, just like my natural hair. The clips were really strong, I pulled on it to see if it would slide out and it stayed put!

Bellami hair extensions allowed me to start wearing my hair down all the time! I kid you not, my hair is so thin and fine, I’d usually throw it in a bun or a pony or if I did decide to wear it down, I would have to curl it otherwise it would look pathetic. These extensions are SO natural-looking! I was truly impressed!! I absolutely love the hair extensions. Even better, you can easily dye the hair extensions if you are like me who dyes their hair all the time!

Hair Authenticity

model wearing bellami hairAll Bellami hair extensions are made of 100% Human Remy Hair. Yes, that’s what the company claims, and I can personally attest to this claim from owning them! Prior to buying I did some thorough and extensive research. I studied every review about Bellami hair the internet had to offer, discussed with hair extension users and even had some face time with some of the Bellami representatives.

The hair is authentic. The human Remy hair extensions are very easy and comfortable to wear, and tremendously undetectable. Unlike other cheap hair extensions on the market today, Bellami does not mix animal hair with human hair to make extensions.

Tangling and Life Expectancy

Many hair extensions available on the market today have one issue in common: Tangling. But when it comes to Bellami hair, tangling is not an issue. Bellami uses original human Remy hair in its extensions, so the strands do not get tangled. You can wear the extensions with confidence and without having to carry a comb around everywhere you go.

When it comes to the life of Bellami hair extensions, you can expect your extensions to last you about for 13 to 24 months, depending on how you take care of them. Like your own hair, proper care is essential to increase the life of any hair extensions, so treat your extensions like you do your own hair ladies! Make sure to take care of your Bellami hair extensions as per directions that come with the package or you can visit their website for more tips on how to take care of the extensions here. I also love deep conditioning them at least once a month, sometimes more if I curl them excessively that month.


Unlike most hair extensions on the market, Bellami does not chemically process its hair because there is no need for it. There is no need for chemical processing because the company is using high quality, original human hair to manufacture its extensions. Normally, companies that use poor quality, rejected or unauthentic hair in their extensions go for chemical treatments to make their products look good. Since Bellami products don’t use any chemical treatments, I was able to easily dye my hair extensions when I changed my hair color and they held up really well!

bellami's wig offerings

Shedding and Itching

I had tested and used a crazy amount of hair extensions from other manufacturers to have a large sample size for shedding etc. In most cases, the extensions would shed some strands straight out of the box (cough, Aliexpress hair, cough). But this wasn’t the case with Bellami, and I was surprised and happy! You can expect the extensions to shed a few strands a day, depending on how many times you brush them and if you’re not gentle with them, but understand that this is normal. There was one brand I tried once that was so awful, when I brushed my hair I kid you not about 20 strands would come out…even if I didn’t have any knots!!

The good news is that the pieces of clips are weft together in a unique way, so you can wear the extensions comfortably. Unlike other extensions, Bellami hair extensions don’t create itching or any irritation. I have a pretty sensitive scalp, and these extensions don’t bother me whatsoever.

bellami halo style hair extensions


My experience with Bellami hair extensions was delightful, and I still love them! If you are looking to buy amazing quality and original hair extensions, I suggest you go for Bellami hair. However, and I can’t stress this enough, your hair extension’s life will depend on how you take care of them, so remember to treat them well!  🙂

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