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I love my short trendy hair, but I want my long hair back. This dilemma started the very next day of me getting the shaggy cut.

I tried to satisfy myself with: But the short hair means low maintenance!
My mean brain would counterattack: “But long hair meant girlish windy kind of feels, and You, my beloved, have chosen comfort over your heart.”

I am pretty sure women all over the world feel me. This predicament may last centuries. But I made peace.

I accepted that I want a new hairstyle every other season, and I want long hair within weeks of getting a cut. And then I cried myself to sleep. Kidding. Or not kidding, but we may never know.

Regardless, I got myself hair extensions the next week. However, that went horribly because I used the wrong glue.
My passion led me to several “desperate attempts to get long hair back”, and finally, I settled on a few as my favorite hair extensions.

If you have similar issues, here are a few of Dream Catcher Hair extensions that I have personally used and found good enough:

I-Tip 24 Inch

  • SYSTEM I-Tip
  • TYPE Straight
  • LENGTH 24"
  • QUANTITY 25 strands per bundle
  • WEIGHT 25 Grams
  • RECOMMENDED ORDER 4-5 bundles for a full look
  • If you are into long healthy waist-length hair, this is your thing. I found the fact that these were purely human hair a bit satisfying.

    There are 25 strands in a bundle, and you would just need to buy 4 or 5 bundles for a full look. The most important feature of this hair is its polyurethane-based bundle attachment.
    Since the polyurethane bundles are heat-attached at relatively high temperatures, the bundles don’t lose hair quickly.

    Furthermore, the usual blow drying and touch-up straightening won’t damage any of the hair. Since polyurethane is quite flexible so, it does not stick out, making extensions look unnatural.
    This also means no sudden melting of attachment bundles and damage to natural hair. Unfortunately, that is something I had to experience with the wrong glue, where my hair became sticky and wiry.

    None of the conditioners worked, and I had to get a little bald to get rid of all the messy hair.

    So, I must emphasize that all the Polyurethane based attachments are the best. These extensions are available in curly and straight hair, with more than 40 colors to choose from.

    I used the combination of dark brown curls with dull gold ones to create low lights. On a side note, that saved me from getting the hair color.

    These extensions have intact cuticles and hair flow in the same direction. The bundle cylinders are not silicone-based and triple bake-coated so, the paint doesn’t chip out. They have a 2-month warranty and offer re-tipping services to extend extension life.
    The prices are moderate compared to other brands, and they even bid for free shipping. So, what’s the catch?

    Well, there isn’t one. Except the healthy long hair means a bit of extra weight on the head. So, it’s not your thing if you are not into long hair.

    I-Tip 20 Inch

    ColorI TIP#99J
    MaterialHuman Hair
    Installation TypeFusion
    Hair TypeStraight

    If you still want the same hair, only shorter, this is the hair package for you. Like I-Tip 24 inches, these hair bundles use polyurethane, so again no mess or stickiness.

    These also have intact cuticles. The bake-painted triple-coated aluminum copper-based cylinders do not chip out.
    Each bundle weighs around 20 grams, instead of 25 grams as in I-Tip 24 inches.

    The hair is available in more than 60 colors. But the product can be recolored. However, the company recommends recoloring before attaching extensions.

    Since these bundles are 4-inch shorter than I-tip 24 Inch, the hair is lighter. For a full look, 4-5 bundles are enough, with each bundle containing 25 strands. However, I used eight bundles for an extra bouncy look.
    Even then, they did not look unnatural. So, if you are into Old Hollywood waves, this is the extension you might like.

    Though I have used only the curly hair I-tip products, my sister went for the “Morticia Addams” kind of look. Her black straight hair blended perfectly with the silky-smooth extensions.
    But if you are neither into full curls nor sleek straight hair, they offer this product in wavy, medium curls along with straight and tight curls.
    This product is also silicone-free compared to glue-in hair.

    I have tried silicone-coated hair before. They look gorgeous for two weeks but lose their shine after a few washes. The chemical treatment also comes at the price of frizz.

    For me, it meant, “you cannot look like Rachel Green for more than two weeks, but here is a Hagrid look for you”. Enjoy you damn Potterhead.

    The dream catcher hair extensions are reusable and last around two years. The extensions are relatively easy to apply.

    You don’t even need to heat, bend, or braid your hair. Only crimple it down thrice to ease the extension cylinder onto natural hair. And BAM, you are done.

    However, that can be a bit time-consuming, but beauty demand attention, right?

    Tape-In 20 Inch

    Color4#(Medium Brown)
    MaterialHuman Hair
    Installation TypeTape-In
    Hair TypeDry

    Last but not least product in this dream catcher hair extensions review is Tape-In 20 Inch. If cylinder bundles are not your thing, this tape-in hair extension is the best option.

    Using glue directly on the scalp is a rookie mistake. I had to use hair conditioners and even varnish remover, just to get rid of woody kind of solidified glue particles out of my head.
    This one is used for six months. After that, the sticky part doesn’t work as efficiently, but the hairs remain as good as ever.

    There are ten strips or, say, five sandwiches a pack. You would need at least five packs for a full look. Furthermore, it takes only about 1 hour to install these.

    The hair is available in straight, wavy, medium curls, and even tight curls. There are more than 100 colors available overall.

    Most of these colors are not even dyed hair, rather natural human hair. The cuticles are intact.
    Yet again, no silicone coating is done to achieve synthetic luster. So, you won’t lose hair beauty or hair gloss. I used several of these tape-in extensions, and I didn’t use them at all with other hair extensions. I mean, why would I even say such a thing. Okay, okay.

    I once used a red hair extension tape to add a splash of color to my I-Tip brown 20 inches for a Party, and the look was a total killer.

    So, I would not recommend using this with other extensions, but if you must, You go, Girl.

    The tapes are quite lightweight and do not stick out, so they don’t look unnatural at all. This hair product also has two monthly warranty, and the shipping from dream catchers only took two days to reach my doorstep, so I am sure their service is quite fast.

    If you want extensions for more than six months, then this might not be your thing.

    However, I found these more resourceful than permanent products as they are relatively inexpensive and allow me to have different hair looks every other week.


    Your haircut is something that will make a fashion statement for yourself.

    Whether you get hair extensions or not, it is essential that you feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin.

    However, if you are into hair extensions, I suggest you do look up Dream catcher hair extensions. There are natural, reliable, and easy to use. 

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