Choosing a Water Wave Closure

A Water Wave ClosureDo you want to get a whole lot of body and fullness out of your natural hairline? Are you looking for something that has a lot of curls or maybe even a little bit of a kinky design overall? Then you’re definitely in the right place with a water wave hair closure. It’s going to give you a whole lot of that so you can enjoy the look and fullness of your hair—a whole lot of fullness!

What It Looks Like

What you’re getting here is a lot of fullness with this silk or lace closure of human hair. It’s going to have almost a kinky look to the curls you get because of how big they really are and just how much body they’re going to give as well. The water wave look is all about making your hair really pop and for those who love their hair to have more volume it’s definitely going to be the way to go.

All About The Water Wave Closure


These water wave hair extensions are going to give you the volume and the fullness that you’re looking for. They’re also going to give you the texture and the kinky curl look can be a whole lot of fun. You’ll also have all the options you could want when it comes to the color, the art style, the size, and the length of your hair as well as all the different textures. In the end, it’s extremely customized and you get that great volume and curly hair, too.


You won’t have as many options when it comes to styling this type of hair because of the fullness and body that it already has. Of course, if what you’re going for is volume you probably aren’t going to want to do a whole lot with it other than let it go and let it make a statement on its own.

If you’re looking for something a little less kinky or with not quite as much volume you may want to look at loose waves instead of water wave hair extensions because it’s going to still give you volume but not quite as much. If you’re looking for even more wave and even more volume you may actually want to go up a little bit to a deep wave. That’s going to give you more of the style that you’re going for.

Should You Get A Closure In Water Wave Style?

There are plenty of reasons to go with the fullness and the volume of water waves and once you see what they really look like you’re going to have no problem figuring out just what they are. The body and the texture that you’re going to get for your natural hair with this curly hair look is definitely stylish and will give you the overall impression that you want most. 

This is one way to get a whole lot of volume and a whole lot of fun out of your hair. It’s ready to go anywhere you want to and doesn’t require the styling you might need with simpler looks. Because of the full body and the almost kinky curl you’re getting a great look right from the start.

Other Types of Weave Closures