Choosing A Silk Closure

Choosing A Silk ClosureSo, you’re looking for an ideal closure for your hair and, of course, you want something that’s high quality, right? A base silk closure is one of the two styles that you’re going to find when it comes to attaching your closure to your natural hair.

The other is a lace closure (which is something else you may want to consider). Take a minute to look here to find out if this is the right option for you before you decide on your next weave.

What Does A Silk Closure Look Like?

The base silk closure is made to look a little more like your natural skin. That’s because of the way that it’s designed and the way that the individual hair strands are actually knotted directly into the silk. There’s lace used in this setup as well, but the silk is the main star of the framing. You’ll get a look that, at the base (where the part is), looks the most like a scalp, whereas a lace closure on its own will generally require a little more work to make the material blend in.

Benefits of A Silk Closure

One of the biggest benefits that you’ll find is at the part of the hair strands, where the base is going to look just like your scalp. You’re not going to see knots and that means you don’t need to take the time or the effort to try and blend those knots in through bleaching, concealer or any of several other methods. You’ll be able to simply install the closure and you can feel confident and comfortable that it’s going to look great.

Another big benefit is that you get a more natural look to your hair as well. Because of the style of this particular closure, you get a little bit different look and style overall. It gives you the similarity to your hair that you may be looking for (though not everyone necessarily is).


One of the biggest drawbacks of this type of closure is the cost. A silk closure is going to cost a little bit more because of the way that they are designed and how much hard work it takes to make them. Blending in those knots takes effort and that’s why you’ll see the prices go up a bit if you’re looking for this one.

Another drawback is the fact that these closures are a bit thicker than a lace closure. That means they need to be very carefully sealed in the front or you could end up with a really bad look. No one is going to want that. However, if you have a professional to help, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Recap: Is A Silk Closure A Good Choice?

If you’re looking for a closure for your hair, the silk closure is a great way to go with its natural look and high quality, but the cost is definitely something to keep in mind.  A silk closure is a little more expensive option, but it’s going to give you a more natural look at the same time. If you want your closure to look more like your natural hair, this is the way to go. It’s also the way to go for those who want a more natural looking scalp without all the work.

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