Choosing a Lace Closure

Choosing a Lace ClosureAnother style of closures that you’ll often find is lace closure hairstyles. This is the type of backing that is used to attach to the hair so that it can be installed into your own natural hair and it’s actually quite a popular one. There are plenty of reasons to go with a lace closure versus a silk closure but the end choice is going to be entirely up to you.

What Do Lace Closures Look Like?

A lace closure is extremely thin, which means that when it is installed to natural hair, it actually lies very flat on your head. The area where the closure meets your scalp actually blends quite well without a lot of effort, which is a bonus. With this type, the hair is individually knotted directly into the lace and the lace closure is then installed. These are actually the most popular and even the most common type of closure you’ll find.

Benefits of a Lace Closure

One of the biggest benefits with this type of closure is that it blends in easily without a lot of effort. A lot of people like the fact that you don’t need to worry about how to seal these temporary hair extensions down in the front. The thin aspect of the closure means that it actually goes together very well. This actually leads into an additional benefit, the fact that the whole closure is thin and lays much flatter over the head.

These are also an inexpensive option because of the design style and the way that the hair is attached. The fact that they cost much less than silk ones is one of the reasons that so many people seem to choose this style of closure instead.


One of the biggest drawbacks that you’ll find—and really the only drawback—is that you have to bleach the base itself to match the look and color of your scalp. If left along you’ll be able to actually see the knots that tie the hair into the closure and this can take away from the overall effect of the hair. If you want something that looks more natural as your scalp this one needs more work to get there.

Do You Need A Lace Closure?

Overall, there are plenty of reasons that people go with lace closure hair extensions. While one of the biggest deciding factors is the lower price, it doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing quality. If you spend a little more time and effort on it you can get a great look and style without having to spend the extra that you do in order to get a silk closure. The key is balancing how much time you want to spend or how much money.

Lace closures are popular and quite common for a number of reasons but one of them is that they are inexpensive while maintaining a great look. You’ll need to take a little more time and effort to cover the knots and blend it to your scalp but the ease of sealing it helps to counter this effort.

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