Choosing a Body Wave Closure

Choosing a Body Wave ClosureThe look of your natural hair is extremely important to the way that you feel about yourself and your own personal style. Your hair is a reflection of you and that’s why it’s important to get the amount of body and style that you’re really looking for.

Unlike many lace closure hairstyles, using body wave closure bundles is one way to get just the right amount of body and bounce for your hair because it’s going to give you just the right number of waves.

What Does The Body Wave Closure Style Look Like

A body wave closure is one of the loosest forms of waves that you’re going to find. The waves are actually quite large and somewhat far apart in order to get a lot of bounce. When the hair is installed individually or in bundles, the waves actually pull themselves out a decent amount and you’ll have just a little bit of the wave left over. This type of hair usually comes with plenty of options for you to get just the right look you want.

Why Choose This Style Closure

The Body Wave ClosureThe biggest benefit here is the style that you’re getting. Like with hair extensions of natural human hair, this body wave closure hair looks very full, bouncy, and a whole lot of fun, with a full end to go along with it. They also come in several different colors (just about any you could imagine) and provide you with plenty of options when it comes to hair textures, lengths, and widths. That means you get almost complete customization of your closure.

Body wave closures also come in any style of the part that you could want, including a free part, middle part or three part option. You get to decide which one fits best for your overall look and the style that you want to portray. You’ll also get high-quality hair without the concern for tangling or style of the cuticle.

Why NOT Choose This Style

Here, you’re getting just a little bit of body and fullness to the hair. If you want something that’s going to be a little more full or a little less full then you may want to keep looking. A straight closure will give you the completely straight look you may want and a loose wave may give you just a little bit more body than what you’ll find here. It’s up to you to find the right balance.

Decision Time: Is The Body Wave Closure Right For You?

For those who want just a little bit of body and a little bit of wave to accent their hair and their style, this is the way to go. Like with hair extensions of natural human hair, it’s a beautiful look that emphasizes just a tiny bit of something rather than a fully straight look. Once it’s in, you’ll definitely see where the benefits are and why this is one you’ll want to at least consider.

A body wave is a very loose style of the wave that has a little elasticity to it. The hair will pull relatively straight when gravity acts on it but you’ll still have some texture and fullness. If you want a little bounce to your look this is the way to go about it.

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