Complete Guide To Weave Closures

Wave ClosureIf you’re looking for your first weave closure or if you’re considering just how one could work for you, then it’s time to find out more. After all, these closures can help your hair or hair extensions look better than ever—if you know what you’re looking for. The first thing to look at is what a weave closure even is (just so you’ve got the basics). Then, we’ll look at the different options you can choose from. Each one is going to give you a little bit different features and benefits so make sure you’re paying attention.

What is a Wave Closure?

A weaver closure, also known as a hair closure, is a piece for your hair that’s made with either lace frontal or silk base frontals. The individual strands of hair are hand-tied (though they can be attached in other ways) to the piece of lace or silk. Then, they can be put into your hair or hair extensions to achieve a certain look. It attaches directly to the base of the cornrows and it actually secures all the way around the outside to make sure that it stays right where you want it. This also helps to protect the hair underneath and make sure that it gets the look that you’re going for.

Seals for Your Closure

Another important aspect of weave closures is how they are sealed. Glue, tape, hair bands, and sewing are some of the most common options, but each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. With glue, you get a good seal but you’re not necessarily getting the best quality. That’s because glue can rip the edges and it can even cause bald spots in your real hair. Of course, you can use some protective solutions before you apply the glue but it still ends up a difficult option with a very large potential downside.

The tape is the next option and it’s a whole lot safer when it comes to the quality of your hair underneath. On the other hand, you’re not getting an ideally sturdy base. That’s because the tape is not as great of a connection. If you really want to make sure that your connection is going to stay sturdy you’re likely going to want a different option other than tape.

Next up is the hair band. This is actually similar to a regular headband. You just cut it down so it fits right around your head the way you need. You then tie it right to the back of your head. You’ll then want to make sure you sew it down to the different sides of the closure and that you keep the closure entirely flat. Make sure you have a good balance, however, between tying it tight and not too tight. If it’s too tight you could end up with a headache, while tying it too loose could keep it from being flat enough.

Finally, sewing a closure down is going to be a great way to go. It helps cut down on the drawbacks that go along with other seal options. You’ll be able to get a very solid and permanent seal and you’ll be able to get the flat fit that you’re likely looking for. This can be a little more expensive and time-consuming, but it’s going to be a good way to go for just about anyone. Take a look the next time you’re considering the right seal for your weave and you may be surprised just how well it actually locks down.

Installing Your Closure

Are you looking to put in your own closure? If you’re going to install your own then you need to get some practice in. Once you know what you’re doing, you likely won’t have much trouble—but it can take a little getting used to. Talking to a licensed beautician is the best way to go because they can give you advice and help you understand the process. They’ll also take care of installing your closure the first few times for you. You can also take a look at different videos and tutorials online to find out more about the process. Just make sure you take some time to get it done right.

Silk vs. Lace Wave Closure

Silk vs. Lace Wave ClosureAre you looking at silk or lace closures and aren’t sure which way to go? If so, you’re going to want to know the benefits. A lace closure is good because it actually gives you a flat look. That’s a result of the thin aspect of the system. Your hair will appear smoother, which is sleek and beautiful. On the other hand, you have to bleach or tone the knots that are at the base of the closure or you aren’t going to get the natural look that you’re going for. Concealer can be a good option for blending in the knots or the base as well.

A silk closure doesn’t need the bleach. It does look at a lot more like your own natural hair. That can be great for those who don’t necessarily want the smooth look but do want something stylish. They don’t fit as flat because they aren’t as thin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great look. It means you need a better fit and a better seal to the front of the hair. You will spend more on this type of closure, which is important to consider. If you want a little easier use then this is a great way to go for anyone.

Silk Closure

The silk closure uses a layer of silk with individual strands of hair actually embedded into it. It then actually uses some lace in it too and it covers the knots from tying in the hair. The look that you end up is going to be more natural looking and it’s definitely going to be sleeker.

Your hair is going to look a bit more like a standard scalp if you pull the sides apart when you use a silk closure. It can be a little bit thick but you don’t need to worry about knots on the back of the head or any kind of alterations in most cases, either. It’s all about the colors and the underlying look you want.

Lace Closure

Lace closures are actually small, somewhere around 4x4. They also come in three different styles, onepart, threepart, and freepart. That means you need to think about how you want it to look before you get started. You can have it part anywhere you want (free part), one part (or middle part), which is somewhat self-explanatory, or a three-part, which parts down the sides rather than the middle.

You also get the option to put them on the middle or the side of your hair. They’re extremely popular and very flexible, as well as versatility. What’s really great is that they work well on different types of hair like natural, permed or even a receding hairline. What’s important, however, is that it’s not the same as a frontal.

360 Closure

If you’re looking for a closure that goes all the way around the hair this is the way to do it. The 360 closure wraps around the hair, as you might expect with a name like 360. It’s actually one of the new trends, rather than something that’s been around for a while and it helps you get the high ponytail that you’re looking for. Of course, they work for a lot of other hairstyles, as long as you put it right at the hairline and add in additional hair bundles on the inside of the closure wrap.

Straight Closure

A straight closure offers absolutely no part, which means you get a little more versatility to the look of your hair. You’re also getting a lace closure, which means it’s high quality and it’s designed to attach smoothly into your own hair. You’ll get a great amount of the protection you’re looking for in your hair and you’ll get to part or style your hair in any way you could want. That’s definitely a benefit if you’re not interested in styling your hair the same way every day. (And who wants that?) You’ll be able to do a range of things here.

Body Wave Closure

Want some thick, heavy waves to your hair? If you do then a body wave closure is going to be a great option. It gives you the heavy waves that you want to make sure you have the perfect amount of body to your hair. They are available in a range of different styles and lengths, which means you can get one that fits your hair. You can also get them in any style of the part you like, including free part, middle part, and three part. They have a lace backing generally and come in different weft and different closure sizes as well.

Loose Wave Closure

Loose Wave ClosureWant some beautiful, loose waves? If you do, then this is the closure that you want. They tend to have lace closures, though they can also have silk closures. You also get a range of different lengths available.

What really makes this type of closure beautiful, however, is the loose curls that you’re going to get all the way down. That means you’ll have a beautiful look that you can wear down or put up. When you get one of these loose wave closures it actually comes in a small bundle but they fall loose when you take it out or put it into your hair.

Water Wave Closure

Want some waves that are a lot tighter? If you do, then a water wave is the way to go. These water wave closure curls are actually quite tight, which can be a beautiful look. They look almost kinky because of the style but they’re also going to fall somewhat loose at the same time. It’s not quite a curl, but definitely a beautiful wave that’s going to be a whole lot of fun. You’ll also have no problem with dying the hair, straightening it if you like or styling it however you like, which is an important aspect for your personal look.

Deep Wave Closure

A thick and deep curl is also known as a deep wave closure. These provide a great deal of texture for your hair and they’re definitely unique, which is important. You’ll have a great deal of bounce and body, which are important features for anyone, right? You want your hair to really make a statement in your chosen style and that’s what a deep wave is going to do. They come in lace or silk closures, which means you can get the fit that you’re looking for.

Curly Closure

The final option that you should take a look at is a curly closure. This is where you’re really getting a lot of the wave and curl. They’re very tight, which means you get a whole lot of texture and they also come in all the different lengths that you could want. With this kind of texture, you’re going to have plenty of options for style and you’ll also have something unique to look at. For anyone who doesn’t have a lot of texture to their own hair, this is the ideal way that you can get it for yourself. You can attach them in any way you like and get the ideal fit and style you want.


No matter what type of closure you’re looking for, you want to get quality. That means taking a look at each of the options we’ve just looked at. It also means making sure you find a high-quality place to buy them (look where you are). Pay close attention to the look that you want for your hair and then make sure you pick a closure that’s designed for that look. Before you know it you’re going to have a beautiful look that you absolutely love—no matter what you’re looking for.