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Cashmere Hair Extensions Types and Company Review 

 Rachel, the famous model of Los Angeles, and Melissa, the successful celebrity hairstylist, founded Cashmere in late 2013.

They aimed to create high-quality extensions that anyone could wear at home and which are easily accessible as well.

What makes Cashmere different from other brands is its top-notch quality and consumer-oriented approach.

Cashmere designs its extensions centering the user convenience in all aspects, be it quality, pricing, or application.

Unlike many other hair extensions, Cashmere’s hair extensions don’t require any glue and tape to stay in place. They are especially famous for their clip-in hair extensions.

Their clip-in hair extensions compete in the market with superlative brands. Crafted from the highest quality Remy hair, these extensions blend seamlessly with one's natural tresses, ensuring a flawless and sophisticated appearance.

Cashmere allows you to enjoy gorgeous and voluminous hair without having to change your hairstyle permanently.

 For those who prioritize quality and seek an unmatched hair experience, cashmere hair extensions are the ultimate choice.

What Sets Cashmere Hair Extensions Apart?

    Compete for top-notch brands across the world
  • Cashmere advance clip system in Clip-in Hair Extension. Their clip-in extensions are pretty famous across the globe. The convenience that they offer in putting these extensions is unmatchable.

  • Unmatched Quality
  • Their commitment to using only top-tier, 100% Remy human hair. Cashmere extensions have human Remy hair of the finest quality to add volume. Truly unbeatable quality!

  • Easy & Unique 
  • Their mastery in producing premium extensions along with truly unique user-friendly design. No more glue, tape, or any other troublesome attachment. It will take you a minute to put on Cashmere hair extensions and one second to remove. Savior, indeed!

  • Expert Color Match
  • If you are not sure about the hair color you should opt for, just email Cashmere with pictures of yours, and their professionals will help you choose the best match for you. What’s better than getting personalized opinions from professionals?

    Even those new to hair extensions can easily apply them in few minutes, enjoying a salon-grade look without the associated costs or hours spent. 

Did Cashmere Hair Extension uses processed hairs?

Cashmere Hair Extensions are special. Unlike many other brands, they don't go through harsh chemical treatments. While they aren't made from untouched hair, they are dyed in a super gentle way. This means the hair remains strong and beautiful for longer.

Some companies use strong chemicals to quickly dye hair, but not Cashmere Hair. Their slower approach ensures the hair's quality remains top-notch.

And guess what? They're even certified to be made of 100% real human hair with its natural protective layer still intact.

Some brands use a trick with a silky coating to hide poor quality, but after a few washes, that coating fades, and the real hair quality shows.

Cashmere Hair doesn't play that game. They don't need any fake coatings because their quality speaks for itself.

Can You dye Cashmere Hair Extensions?

Cashmere already provides custom colors for their extensions. So, when you try to recolor them, it's hard to predict the outcome.

Plus, you might reduce their quality. Cashmere genuinely cares about keeping their hair top-notch, which is why they advise against coloring.

They've got a bunch of colors available, so it's best to pick the right shade from the get-go. If you do decide to dye them, remember it's on you. Returns or exchanges aren't possible once the extensions are dyed.


We know that Cashmere’s clip-in Beverly Hills Brunette is unique because of its majestic appeal. It's a perfect match for your diva-like appearance, whether it's a morning get-together or evening party.

With this light brown base color mixed with a subtle dark blonde highlight, you will rock your look and will stand out from the crowd.

The side pieces are also 100% Remy human hair. The thickness of the hair just slightly reduces toward the edges like our normal hair.

This allows the side pieces to blend with your hair seamlessly. The Volumizer is a quad weft, and it has four wefts, and the side pieces are both triple wefts.

No need to say again, Cashmere is made of 100% Remy's hair, so you can style them, blow dry them, wash them, or you can also curl them using heat tools.

However, be mindful while using styling products that might harm the shine and quality of your crown.

Care Instructions:

  • Stay away from shampoos/conditioners with sulfate.
  • Use hydrating conditioners only.
  • Avoid unnecessary excessive heat.
  • The lifespan of your Cashmere hair extension depends on how well you take care of it and how often you wear it.

    Cashmere extensions could last up to a year or more. 

    You should wash it when you see many product buildups, making it difficult to wear and style.

    We cannot mention a specific period after which you should wash it, as it varies according to the hair type. 


    Cashmere’s Black-brown clip-ins have thicker, silky soft, and lush weft without a bunch of clips. Perfect for a special night or day-time occasion!

    Many people, including celebrities, adore hair extensions. These Black Brown Clip-ins are Salon quality and 100% REMY Human Double Drawn Hair Extensions.

    Cashmere carefully crafted this beauty. While designing the double-drawn line, the brand ensures that your crown blends seamlessly without any additional cost of professional help.

    You can fully enjoy your desired hair look with this extensive hair extension. But, just like you take care of your precious belongings, this extension requires some attention too.

    Most of the styling products have chemicals that can cause damage to your extension. As a result, your extension may end up drying, matting, and severe tangling.

    Anything you put in your natural hair besides hairspray can rub off onto the Cashmere’s extension. So, you have to be careful in this regard.

    Care Instructions:

  • Avoid excessive heat
  • Unreasonable brushing
  • Unnecessary washing
  • Cashmere knows everyone isn’t blessed with gorgeous long hair; it features a huge variety when it comes to length.

    The best practice would be to not choose a length more than twice the size of your natural hair. 

    Again, the lifespan of your Cashmere hair extension depends on how well you take care of it.


    This Sunset Blonde Clip-In hair extension is a mixture of a medium beige blonde base with light golden blonde highlights.

    The best thing regarding these extensions is, it has same thickness from top to bottom.

    This uniformity will provide maximum volume even on its own or in combination with the side pieces or even with the halo-style extensions.

    Your dream of easy-to-wear hair extensions comes true with this perfect Sunset Blonde.

    This extension is best for updo and pony style. They are easy to install and blend perfectly! Once you opt for this, you are going to get addicted to this beauty.

    In addition to the above hallmarks, some exciting benefits are remaining.

    Instead of attaching directly to your hair, the Cashmere clip wields the weight of your hair that’s tightened over the wire to keep the extension in place securely.

    You can wear them throughout the day without any worry of your extension being detached or fallen out.

    Disclaimer! We do not recommend working out, sleeping, swimming, or other likewise activities in your extensions as they are apt to get damaged and intertwined while doing so to stay in place.

    Care Instructions:

  • Avoid using any heat protectants
  • Don't use styling products 
  • Avoid using bleaching agents
  • This Sunset Blonde shade is the most popular shade of Cashmere’s blonde so far. It is just amazing how seamlessly it blends with most light blonde shades. 

    Each Set of these Three Pretty Colors Contains,

    There are eight pieces on the whole, which includes,

    • One 8-inch wide weft with three clips.
    • One 7-inch wide weft with three clips.
    • One 6-inch wide weft with three clips.
    • Four 3-inch wide wefts with two clips each.
    • One Tester Piece, 3-inch wide weft with two clips.

    How to Apply? 

    The application process of Cashmere hair extensions is super easy. All you need is to follow the simple steps as shown below:

  • First of all, open up all the clips so that they are ready to insert. Part your hair with a tail comb and secure with a hairpin, half of your hair up to keep it away as you install the extension.
  • For the back, use the broad quad track and gently pull a centerpiece under the part to secure the middle clip shut. Follow the same step with the other two clips on each end of the track.
  • For the side pieces, divide your hair about 1 inch and clip with a hairpin above your ear, and begin clipping the closest clip to your face first. 
  • Bottom Line 

    Cashmere is allowing you to be the best version of yourself! You will find very few companies who sell such gorgeous and voluminous high-quality real human Remy Hair because it’s expensive and rare.

    This process is very laborious, which ends up at a bit higher price but worth the money due to its best-unmatched quality.

    You might have heard about them through their stunning launch or, from your friends/family, or may have seen your favorite celebrity rocking their extensions.

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