Which Is Better: Brazilian Hair vs. Peruvian Hair

Brazilian-hairUltra-fashionable Afro-Caribbean people are beginning to embrace the culture of rocking human hair for a plethora of reasons which include adding volume and/or length to their natural hair, tweaking colors, or to give their overall appearance a facelift. Moreover, black women do not don hair extensions because they want to use their natural hair. Conversely, they opt for extensions because they may want to protect their hair and there is no rule stopping anyone from looking like a bombshell while at it.

Moreover, there are so many quality hair types. There is Peruvian hair, virgin Indian hair, Malaysian hair, virgin Brazilian hair, Indonesian virgin hair, and even Remy hair to name but a few. A great number of Afro-Caribbean people can attest to the fact that they have been convinced to try out Peruvian hair because they have been told it’s the best out there. In the same breath, hair vendors have also sworn that Brazilian virgin hair is the next perfect thing to sliced bread. You discover you do not know whom to believe anymore. It’s a good thing that you visited our page, as we will make comparisons between both types of human hair extension and which particular one is best to put your money on.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is sourced from the rural areas of Brazil. Brazilian hair comes in straight, curly, and wavy forms. Brazilian hair extensions are incredibly durable and can be easily mixed with different Afro-Caribbean hair types. Brazilian wavy hair is usually obtained from donors of African and Brazilian ancestry and it is naturally wavy with lots of body. Among the human hair types out there, this hair is basically the only anti-frizz grade.

Brazilian hair is naturally soft with a satin-shiny texture that can transform any plain Jane into a diva.

Brazilian curly hair is very curly and it comes in very dark shades which range from dark brown to black. This hair stays true to its curls even when the weather is hot and wet. It is thick from the roots to the tips and the wefts are finely crafted. Brazilian straight hair has a luster which ranges from medium to high, boasting of a fine texture which can be easily dyed, colored or styled.


Peruvian Hair

It will come as a shock to many of us to know that what is known today as Peruvian hair was patented by an African-American woman, Cristina Jenkins. The hair is obtained from Peru, a country located in South America. Peruvian hair is very coarse (trust us, in a good way) and dense. Coarse hair is a big plus because it is easier to blend with African-American hair, which is naturally thick.

Peruvian hair ranks high on the manageability scale. It is very sleek and can be easily styled. You can color it and still come up with beautiful hair. Peruvian hair retains curls very well, consider yourself in luck if you favor a curly look.

In terms of durability, Peruvian hair is king. It has the body and the strength of its Brazilian counterpart and the silkiness of European hair. For uber-stylish black women who want their add-on hair to have amazing volume while retaining its light-as-air weight, this type of hair comes highly recommended. Working class African-American who find themselves neck deep in work are strongly advised to go for human hair like Peruvian because of its ease of maintenance. Rest assured that there will be no shedding or tangling problems. All that is needed is to follow a maintenance routine and you can find finally let your hair down.

Wait! Don’t go running to shop for those Peruvian weaves that have been tickling your fancy, just yet. It is imperative to know what type of Peruvian hair extension you need. Peruvian comes in three patterns: Peruvian straight, Peruvian wavy, and Peruvian curly.

Peruvian straight hair is very gorgeous, spotting a long-lasting sheen. Peruvian wavy has a natural feel, it looks very real too. Peruvian curly hair is of low maintenance and gives you a pretty, amazing look.

The Bottom Line

Both types of hair extensions are great and it’s impressive to know that you have made a nice choice if you opt for either of them. If you are looking for an add-on hair that you can easily dye or color, Brazilian hair should be your go-to choice. If versatile, bouncy hairstyles are what you really love. Brazilian hair should be your top pick. For black women in humid and hot regions who want their hair looking glamorous, Brazilian hair to the rescue. It has a strong resistance to damage caused by the sun’s intensity. Peruvian is the best choice for black women who want a clean, polished, and natural look. Both hair bundles have their unique characteristics—the choice is yours to make.