Which Is Better: Brazilian vs. Malaysian Hair

Red-Carpet-Ready-LookSome few decades ago, women, irrespective of their ethnicities, were restricted in their choices of hair extensions, they became saddled with synthetic hair. Presently, many women, especially socialites and fashionable celebrities, have resorted to using different types of glamorous postiches every time they step out in public, for appearances.

For the beautiful black sisters out there, if you are wondering what type of hair will make heads when you sashay down the red carpet of any event, you are welcome on board. There is Peruvian hair, virgin Indian hair, Malaysian hair, virgin Brazilian hair, Indonesian virgin hair, and even Remy hair to name but a few. We will leave no stone unturned as we unravel the secrets behind most quintessential red-carpet hair looks.

Malaysian Hair

The drawcard hair for classy celebrities and socialites is Malaysian hair and we really can’t blame them. Malaysian hair is really charming—you will be obsessed. The appearance of Malaysian hair is a far cry from its South American and Asian counterparts. Maybe it’s the way it is being produced; the hair cuticles are preserved without destroying the pattern of its natural growth. Human hair from Malaysia is thick and very straight, serving as an ideal option for extension enthusiasts who have battled tangled hair in time past.

Malaysian hair is collected from the sacred places of religious worship in rural areas of the country, where the local women grow their locks very long, cut them, and donate to their gods, as a way of appreciation. A network of beauty companies buys the tresses and converts them into hairpieces like weaves, wigs, and hair extensions.

Opting for Malaysian hair has its benefits, which we will discuss. This human hair is obtained directly from the head of female natives; they always maintain their straightness without tangling. It is loved by all and sundry for its stunning shine, lovely softness, striking luster, realness, and low-levels of tangling. Moreover, this hair is very soft and healthy. It gives off a remarkably opulent feel and a dense appearance.

Be it African, African-American or Afro-Caribbean, these natural locks will blend perfectly with a wide range of hair types. Little wonder it is one of the most sought-after hair extensions in the beauty world today. Compared to other types of human hair, this hair stays straight when wet and takes on a mild wavy pattern when the shampoo is applied. Malaysian wefts, though straight, are usually bouncy with a lot of volume. What’s more, the natural color of the hair strands bears a striking resemblance to the hair color of African-American women.

Malaysian locks come in different lengths making it possible for women who want their hair to go with their personal styling. If you are a fan of Kelly Rowland’s deep wavy hair, this all-time favorite hair comes highly recommended.

This high-end hair type feels luxurious and very sleek when installed. Malaysian hair blends with most African-American hair textures, creating a lustering effect that has a perfect shine. You can easily style Malaysian hair without introducing many products, not to mention that is of very low maintenance. It can last for a long time without washing.

Brazilian Hair

For many women of color, Brazilian hair has become a very popular product. The reason why Brazilian hair is the poster child of human hair is not far-fetched. It is a spectacular multi-purpose hair that blends with different hair types, it has a charming natural luster and a very lovely sheen. Brazilian hair extensions retain curls extremely well, creating a silky and shiny look. Brazilian comes in body waves, straight and curly.

Brazilian body wave hair is very soft and dense, it comes with a medium luster that matches virtually all types of hair. The elegant wave is velvety and dark in color. Brazilian straight hair has a thick and very coarse texture. It can be styled used a flat-tong or curling machine. This type of hair can survive humidity compared to its Malaysian counterpart. Brazilian straight hairpieces are great for inventing sew-ins and lace wigs.

Brazilian curly hair is bouncy—you will fall in love with all that dark brown to black hues, making it a near perfect match for Afro-Caribbean hair.


Malaysian and Brazilian hair are both great choices when it comes to purchasing human hair. If you need hair that gives the old Hollywood vibe, big black, bouncy curls, then Brazilian hair is the right fit for you. If you want to show up camera-ready at red carpet events, Malaysian hair is the best choice. If you are dreaming of hair that will glow when illuminated by flashing lights, go for Malaysian hair extensions and watch your hair shine bright like a diamond!