Why People Are Raving About BoxyCharm

With so many beauty subscription boxes on the market nowadays, choosing the right subscription box can be very tricky sometimes. No one box is exactly the same, so how can you really tell which one is the best for you?

If you’ve spent at least some time looking for your next potential subscription box, there’s a high chance that you probably came across BoxyCharm at one point or another. BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription box that is loved by its trusted customers for its “full-sized” product policy. Sometimes you may find an occasional travel-sized version. However, they usually stick to full-sized product for the most part.

What makes BoxyCharm different from other subscription boxes is that you receive 4 to 5 full-size products in each box. And, these are not deluxe samples, but the exact products you would find in the stores. Each BoxyCharm box costs $21, but you receive at least $100 worth of products. Boxycharm ships well-known brands like MAC, ColourPop, Becca, and Smashbox. Sounds like a pretty great deal, right?

Online Customer Reviews You’ll Find

In BoxyCharm reviews many customers claim that they keep it very professional, they are good at replying, they update you very frequently, and they always let you know what is going on at all times. One of the most popular features that is unique to BoxyCharm is their full-sized products. This gets even better because with some beauty boxes you pay a good price to get a box full of tiny samples. This box seems to be a breath of fresh air, according to BoxyCharm reviews.

While it’s generally perceived well by numerous customers, there were a few complaints that are important to bring up. According to some Boxycharm reviews, people claimed that BoxyCharm continued to charge them after they unsubscribed. Since boxes are nonrefundable, this can become a serious problem if they continue to charge you. BoxyCharm is a reputable and very famous beauty brand, but no one is perfect. Before you sign up it’s important to know all aspects – both good and bad. And, always make sure to read the Boxycharm reviews before subscribing.

Is BoxyCharm Worth It?

BoxyCharm LogoJust from looking at the value of each box alone, it’s pretty obvious that BoxyCharm is well worth the money paid. If you’re bored with collecting small, sample-sized products from some cheaper subscription boxes, then upgrading to a full-size box like BoxyCharm certainly won’t be a disappointment. Though it isn’t personalized, most of the products each month seem to be universally useful to any skin type or color. The only potential drawback about BoxyCharm is mostly focused on makeup/skincare products.

So, in case you want more of a variety that includes hair and nail products, this perhaps may not be the best choice of a box for you. If you, for example, personally prefer more makeup and skincare products, this is not going to be an issue for you and you’ll certainly be able to find use of BoxyCharm products. So, is BoxyCharm worth it? It would be best to try BoxyCharm products yourself and then decide if it is the right subscription box for you.

How Does BoxyCharm Work?

With BoxyCharm subscribers can enjoy exclusive members-only offers from some of the well-known brands in beauty, win free products through exclusive giveaways, and receive rewards that can be redeemed in their Charm Shop! Each box consists of 4-5 products that arrive at customer’s doorstep every month.. Along with exciting new products every month, BoxyCharm members can experiment with these new products with great free makeup tutorials and looks shared by the community of Charmers all across social media. In order to enter one of BoxyCharm giveaways, customers must follow these three simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of a BoxyCharm box
  2. Share the picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag them using the hashtags from monthly insert card
  3. Add BoxyCharm on Snapchat

Giveaway winners are announced on the 15th of each month. In case you win the giveaway, you must contact the Customer Service team within 30 days to redeem your special gift.

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BoxyCharm vs Ipsy

BoxyCharm sends 5-6 full-size products in each subscription box. On the other hand, with Ipsy, it’s highly likely you’ll get at least 1 or 2 full-size beauty products in your glam bag, but it isn’t always a guarantee. And with Ipsy it will vary month to month. BoxyCharm costs $21 a month for 5-6 full-size products. On the contrary, Ipsy costs $10 a month for 5 beauty products plus a makeup bag.

BoxyCharm promises a product value of at least $100 per subscription box. Ipsy doesn’t promise a specific value per bag, but the bag’s value should never be less than $30. All of BoxyCharm’s products are 100% safe for topical use. Every month subscribers receive beauty products ranging from makeup and skincare to color cosmetics and beauty tools. The brands offered most of the time reflect the quality subscription box. With this particular beauty box, brands range from lesser-known to top-notch and well established.

BoxyCharm is ideal for customers who are looking for an efficient way to try out some new makeup trends. Whether it be skincare or makeup, the selection is enormous. Since it is one of the pricier beauty boxes, it may not be a good option for customers who are not looking to spend a lot money on beauty products each month. Despite the price, BoxyCharm is definitely one of the more preferred boxes thanks to the fact that they offer full-sized products rather than tiny sample sizes.

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