Silk Bonnets

picture of a woman wearing a pink silk bonnetIn this era of global growth and diversity, there are many new trends and enhancements within the makeup, beauty, and self-care industries. Many people have been adopting Korean skincare routines, using Japanese facemasks, and many other global self-care trends.

Another important aspect of our personal care and grooming is our hair. Recently, the hair bonnet, such as the real satin bonnet as well as silk bonnets, which is a method used by African-American women to protect their hair, has gained a lot of interest by women who wish to encourage the growth of their hair and protect their hair from damage.

Why Choose Silk Bonnets?

All people are different and their unique traits help them stand out. For people who have naturally textured hair, their hair is unique and is unlike any other hair. People with straight natural hair experience regular growth in their hair and moisture is often better regulated; however, for textured hair, it is usually difficult to see regular growth. Textured hair is actually characterized by slower hair growth and lower hair density in comparison to other hair types. This is due to the fact that textured hair is very fragile and requires a little more attention and care.

The twists and bends in the textured hair make it more susceptible to manipulation and damage. Although our scalp produces natural oils to help maintain the health of our hair and help it grow, it is often difficult for those oils to reach the full length of our tresses, especially with textured hair. The natural oils that travel down the shaft of the hair, in order to retain moisture, are hindered due to the bends and twists in textured hair. This makes it harder for the hair to retain moisture, making them brittle and slowing their growth. The lack of moisture in the hair also means that the hair is undernourished, which leads to dead ends, split ends, and hair breakage.

While many people with straight hair feel that their hair gets “greasy” it is due to these natural oils that our scalp produces. They also feel the need to wash their hair often due to this “grease.” However, for textured hair, it often does not feel greasy enough. Although oils and creams can be applied to dry hair to make it greasy, it is not the same as the natural oiliness of the hair.

The natural oils are what protect our hair from external elements such as the sun, they also help retain the natural shine of our hair and they assist in preserving the ends of hair to prevent breakage. When these oils do not reach the end of our hair stands, the hair starts to look dull and coarse. It also tangles and breaks easily from the lack of nutrients. Dry hair is highly susceptible to breakage. However, there are such things as bonnets that dry your hair. These are used to prevent mildew from building up in your hair after it’s wet.

How to Use Silk Bonnets?

In order to preserve the moisture and help protect the hair, silk hair bonnets are used overnight to prevent bed sheets and pillowcases from absorbing the natural oils that our scalps produce. The reason that silk bonnets are used is due to the manner in which the fibers of silk are formed. The silk fibers are smooth, long strands that result in less friction against the strands of hair. The fiber is also tightly woven which allows it to trap the moisture within the bonnet and allows the hair to absorb it as opposed to the bedsheets or pillowcases. The silk material also allows the hair to slide off it in such a manner that prevents the hair from becoming tangled.

This is in contrast to other materials and fabrics such as cotton and linen that consist of fibers that are coarser, with kinks and twists of their own. When these fabrics come in to contact with our hair this causes friction and can be immensely damaging to the delicate strands of our hair. It is often not feasible or preferable to use satin sheets and pillow covers; however, with the use of the silk hair bonnets, any type of sheets and pillowcases can be used without compromising the health of our hair. In recent years, the popularity of silk hair bonnets has grown exponentially as more and more people are becoming aware of their benefits in maintaining healthier hair and encouraging the growth of hair. Many hair stylists and hair care specialists are recommending the use of silk hair bonnets in order to preserve the natural shine of hair. It is also recommended as a great way to maintain second-day hair.

Often, it is a hassle and quite difficult to redo a hairstyle that you had spent a lot of time on because it was ruined in your sleep. Silk bonnets help preserve hairstyles such that they can be maintained overnight, as the hair bonnet acts as a protective layer between the pillowcase and the hair, preventing any friction between the two. Due to their popularity, silk hair bonnets are now available in many different types and forms. There are various sizes for longer or shorter hair and the varying amount of volume as well.

They also come in various forms such as some have elastic edging, some have ties, and some even have tassels that can be used to adjust the size or secure the bonnet. These hair bonnets can be customized as well, in terms of their design and style. Many companies offer to take orders for customized printing on the bonnets as well. Therefore, individuals can get their names printed on them or anything thing else that they prefer. There are also many mass customized options available as well such as matching mother and daughter silk bonnet sets. Some silk hair bonnets are even considered a fashion statement or trendy night time accessory due to their popularity.


These hair bonnets are widely available in stores and online. The pricing can range from very high-end silk bonnets, which are usually customized to the individual’s needs to the very economically-friendly hair bonnets which can be found in local beauty stores or large supermarkets such as Walmart. Many of the online platforms available also offer customization and some websites specifically cater solely to the silk hair bonnet market.

Other Major Types of Bonnets