Bonnet Hair Dryers

Bonnet Hair DryerNew technology is one aspect that we, as a civilization, have excelled at throughout the years. There is always a new gadget to try out that can benefit our lifestyles. Modern technology gives us the opportunity to enhance our lives in many different forms.

One of these ways that our lives have been transformed is in the area of hair treatments. Before there was much knowledge on the topic, hair would be treated harshly in the name of fashion.

As a result of this, many people lost large amounts of their damaged hair. Bonnet hair dryers are one example of how hair treatment has been improved over the years and subsequently prevents mistakes of the past from happening again.

History of Bonnet Hair Dryers

Bonnet hair dryers are an adaptation from old fashion hair hood dryers in the 1940s and 1950s. These were traditionally used in a salon for drying and setting hairstyles. The 1960s is when manual, hand-held hair driers rose in popularity. A bonnet hair dryer is a combination of both of these. This type of hair dryer has a long bonnet-style attachment that fits over the user’s hair. This is connected to a long tube(made of nylon and other similar materials). At the base of the tube, a regular blow dryer is fastened. The heat from the dryer passes through the tube to quickly and easily dry your hair. In addition, this method of drying hair allows for a bouncier and more voluminous result. This is an easier method for people to achieve the style they want, without putting in the time and effort of blow drying their hair the regular way.

Can You Experiment?

For users who wish to experiment with their hairstyles, bonnet hair dryers can help with that as well. For hair that is naturally more frizzy or curly, you can try tying it up in braids or stylish twists using rollers. Then place the bonnet over your hair and start the dryer. This will eliminate the frizz in the hair and ensure that the hairstyle remains securely in place for the rest of the day! Any hair type will work with a bonnet hair dryer. However, wavy and curly hair will achieve the best-styled look. Straight hair will need extra time underneath the bonnet to ensure that it stays in place.

This new hair styling technique has only been around for a short period of time but it certainly has caught on quickly. Lady Gaga is an example of a celebrity who utilizes the bonnet hair dryer. She achieves her luscious looks by using the dryer to mimic old fashion hairstyles. These styles feature big and bouncy hair that remains in place throughout her shows.

The type of hair that you have will depend on which bonnet hair dryer will suit your needs the best. If you have naturally thick and long hair, a dryer with a higher wattage will benefit you the most. This is because dryers with more power can perform their work quicker, regardless of how much hair is being dried. Many bonnet hair dryers have several different heat settings. This is to ensure that you are getting the exact result that you want from your dryer. In addition, certain people are more sensitive to heat, and therefore will not want to use a higher setting. Keep in mind that while using excessive heat on curly hair, there will be a higher chance that frizz will develop.

Setting your hair in rollers and then using the bonnet hair dryer will produce gorgeous curls that will last the whole day. The size of your bonnet will depend on how big you can make your curls. If you have long hair or extensions and you want big curls, make sure to research different types of hair bonnet dryers to find one that will fit your needs. Do not try to force large curlers in a bonnet that is too small. This will cause the bonnet to rip and will need to be repaired.

Types of Bonnet Hair Dryers

Hair bonnet dryers can come in either a hard or soft material. Soft bonnets will stretch and cover your whole head, leaving no hair exposed. This is the most effective type, as no heat is being lost. They will be connected to a hose. Hard bonnet hair dryers will leave a gap and expose some of the hair. These types of dryers are usually tabletop or full-size standing models. Each different type has their own strengths and weaknesses, but the soft bonnet hair dryer tends to be the more popular choice. This is primarily because it dries hair in a uniform and completely even manner.

Types of Bonnet Hair DryersA major advantage of using a bonnet hair dryer is that there is a very low chance of damaging the hair or the scalp. This is due to the uniform pattern of drying hair, as no one area is being focused on. You can also select a lower setting to ensure that no damage is being done. This is an advantage over regular hair dryers because people tend to hold them in the same area on their hair. This dry heat in the same area can cause negative effects to your hair. A bonnet hair dryer can eliminate that problem and ensure that the heat is diffused equally.

Maintaining a bonnet hair dryer will not require a lot of effort. The most important thing is to ensure that the hose does not get torn in any way. Find a safe place to store your dryer when you are not using it. If the hose or bonnet does get ripped somehow, they can be replaced at a small cost. Furthermore, the blow dryer can similarly get replaced if it stops working.

Other Bonnet Types

Aside from this special type of bonnet that dries your hair, there are also the traditional Satin or Silk bonnets as well. These are more commonly known and usually used before sleeping to keep your hair protected.


Overall, the bonnet hair dryer is an ingenious method of producing lush curls and drying hair quickly. It incorporates the two most effective hair treatments and combines them into one. Anyone can use a bonnet hair dryer to achieve the beautiful look that they have been dreaming of!

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