If you wear hair extensions, then there is a very good chance that you’ve turned towards the internet to find a larger variety of hair and weaves since the options that are available in hair salons are usually restricted to only a few textures and styles. On the internet, though, there are hundreds of different textures, styles and colors to choose from. This is enticing and, unfortunately, sometimes lead to impulsive purchases that cause disappointment when the product arrives at your doorstep – or after a few weeks (or days) of wearing the extensions. If you are looking for the best human hair extensions, then look no further. We’ve found the best of the best after reviewing hundreds of user reviews – and now, we present the top two companies that offers you high-quality, unprocessed, virgin human hair extensions at affordable prices.


Our Top Choice – Mayvenn

mayvenn logo

After considering different brands for the number one spot on our list, we’ve decided to award first place to Mayvenn Hair. This hair extension company has been operating for many years now and was founded by Diishan Imira, an expert in the hair industry that has been around professional stylists since a very young age. Mayvenn only specializes in hair extensions and closures, and the company has a variety of products available that suits every individual’s hair type and style preference.

The company recently launched an affordable new product called “Kinky Straight Extensions”. These extensions have a very straight appearance. They are only available in black. The customer has the option to stick with the default Brazilian style, or to upgrade their extension to Peruvian hair. They are also available in lengths ranging from 12-inch to 28-inch. The brand’s lose wave extensions also seem to be quite popular among their customers, with over 205 5-star reviews. These extensions are also available in a larger variety of colors, including black and blonde.


Our Second Choice – Her Imports

her import logoWhile not as popular as Mayvenn Hair, Her Imports has also made a mark in the hair extension industry and also offers high-quality, real human hair. This company has some advantages of Mayvenn Hair as well, but, overall, they are not quite as popular as Mayvenn Hair; thus the second place in our list. The feature about Her Imports that attract many customers is the fact that they allow their customers to build their own bundles of hair – unlike other companies that have preset hair bundles that sometimes do not meet the requirements of the customer.

Her Imports also has a unique ordering process that many customers like. To start an order, the customer chooses between their discount bundles or their premium hair bundles. The premium bundles use higher quality hair and are obviously more expensive than the discount bundles. After choosing the “quality” of the product, the customer can choose between a variety of options, including the origin of the hair and length. Following the order process gives the customer the ability to add additional “add-ons” to their order, such as a lace closure, hair care products, shampoo and a silk bonnet.


Randomly buying hair extensions on the internet? This could mean that you have been caught by one of the many scams that are circulating in the human hair industry. If you’re looking for excellent value for your money, and would like to make sure you are not caught by these scams, we suggest you do thorough research on every brand out there. If you’re in a hurry, take a look at Mayvenn Hair and Her Imports, both offering a wide selection of real human hair extensions.