While wearing a weave has many benefits, there are also many negative factors that people need to consider as the problems that people face while wearing often outweighs the benefits when proper techniques are not used. One common problem is the fact that weave hair needs to perfectly match the texture, color and style of the person’s natural hair for the best look. If the hair does not match, it is easy to see that the person is wearing a weave – and this is not the goal of wearing a weave. The goal of wearing a weave is to make it look at natural as possible, while also increasing the possibilities of achieving different hairstyles.

To avoid a weave from being “obvious”, a closure can be used. This piece of hair is placed on top of a person’s head and on top of the hairlines where the weave pieces have been installed. When a closure is installed correctly, it will completely disguise the fact that the person is wearing a weave and create a more natural look than only a set of weave hair could. This is also the reason why many brands that manufacture weave hair has started to sell “essential” bundles that include three or four pieces of weave hair, as well as an additional closure. These bundles then offer the buyer everything they need to achieve the perfect and most natural look.

Silk Base Closure Vs Lace Closure

One problem that people face when they opt for a closure is the fact that there are two different types that you can choose from. These are silk base closures and lace base closures. Even though both of these closures are applied in a similar way, they each have their own characteristics, pros and cons that should bSilk vs Lace Closure Weavee considered before making a final choice. Here we hope to help you distinguish between these two types to make the choice of buying one easier.

Lace Closures

Let’s start with the most popular type of closure – lace closures. This type of closure is only so popular because of the fact that it is often much more affordable than silk base closures. The foundation of the closure is made from a lace-like material. The individual hair strands are then embedded in the lace material through small holes. This type of closure is perfect for achieving a flat application and when it is done the right way, it can look very natural. Unfortunately, the knots that are used to embed the hair strands into the lace often needs to be bleached, or a concealer needs to be used to hide the fact that a closure has been used.

Silk Base Closures

The other type of closure is silk base closures. These closures can also help a person achieve a natural look, but often costs more than lace closures. A silk closure contains a silky material as its base, and the hair strands are embedded into this base. Unlike lace closures, people usually do not have to bleach any part of this closure type to achieve a natural look since the knots cannot be seen and the front part closely matches the texture of the person’s own skin.


When wearing a weave, your goal should be to achieve a look that seems like the weave hair is part of your natural hair, but this can be quite difficult. By using a closure, however, this task can be made easier, but knowing the difference between the two main types of closures is important if you plan to achieve a natural look.