With thousands of scams going around on the internet, it is difficult to know who you can really trust. Many companies advertise “virgin human hair”, but delivers processed hair that is definitely not worth the money.Unfortunately, a lot of people had fallen for such scams when they purchased her on the internet, which builds a level of distrust and causes those individuals to seek hair extension and weave hair from local suppliers. The bad thing about buying hair in local areas is usually the limited variety that is available, and if you need something the salon does not have stock of, you’ll have to pay extra for a custom order and would most likely have to wait several weeks for the hair to be delivered.

Consulting the internet for hair extensions have many benefits, but, at the same time, there is also the risk of being trapped in one of the scams. This means you might be paying hundreds of dollars for virgin human hair, but instead of receiving virgin human hair, you are sent processed hair or even synthetic hair in some cases. There is some good news, though. Many brands have a positive reputation and are delivering on their promises. We have taken a look at the many brands that are promoting virgin human hair on the internet to find out which brands can be trusted and which ones you should steer clear from. During our investigation, we did not only take a look at the reviews and testimonies left on the brand’s official website, but also considered the reviews that can be found on third-party sites, such as Yelp. We also considered the variety of options each brand has to offer, as well as the prices.

After our investigation, we found the following companies to be potential candidates and to be trustworthy amongst women who wear weaves.

  1. mayvennMayvenn Hair – Mayvenn hair has been rated as one of the top brands by numerous bloggers and hair stylist. The company does not only provide products to the general public, but also pride themselves in being one of the best brands for stylists and women who wants to become business-minded people. The brand offers a variety of styles to choose from, and their products are endorsed by more than 60,000 hair stylists. All orders are processed quickly and come with free shipping to any location within the United States. Furthermore, the brand offers a 30-day guarantee with every order to ensure customers are satisfied with the products they receive.


  1. her import logoHer Imports – Her Imports is also very popular. This brand also provides hair to the general public and to hair stylists. The company currently serves over 250,000 customers, and their products are endorsed by more than 12,000 hair stylists. Her Imports has an official website that allows customers to make a purchase, but they also have 34 stores in different countries that can be used to make offline purchases. The company offers an extensive range of hair extensions and also has a unique line of products that they produce. These products include shampoos, oils, conditioners and other essentials that can be used to care for weave hair and to make weave hair last longer.


Although many people have been scammed while buying hair on the internet, it is important to know that not every brand and company that sells hair online will scam you. By investigating the numerous brands that supply hair extensions and similar products, and by looking at the comments left by past buyers, you can determine which companies are most likely to scam you and which ones can be trusted.