african woman hair cutFew people get their hair cut as often as they need to. In fact, it isn’t at all unusual for a woman to go more than a year between cuts. Many people underestimate how important haircuts actually are.

A haircut can do more than decrease the length of your hair. It can impact the manageability of your hair while improving overall hair health. Read on to learn more about the benefits of haircuts.

The Truth About Haircuts

Many people believe that cutting your hair will make it grow more rapidly. However, this is actually a myth. A cut won’t have any impact on the rate of hair growth.

With that said, cuts can create the illusion of longer hair. When you put your hair cuts off, the ends of the hair will start to thin and fray. This can make hair look shorter than it actually is. If the ends of your hair begin to split, the breakage will eventually travel up the hair shaft, causing severe damage to your hair. Breakage is one of the primary causes of frizz and similar hair issues. If you stop getting haircuts, your hair will look thinner, flatter, and shorter than it actually is. Your hair will be unhealthy, and the people around you will be able to see that.

Trims And Long Hair

Many women avoid haircuts because they are trying to grow their hair out. They assume that trims will keep them from achieving their hair goals.

However, it is completely possible to grow out your hair while getting frequent trims. As a matter of fact, stylists strongly recommend that people get trims when they are trying to lengthen their hair. When you get regular trims, you will be able to keep your hair in excellent condition. If you avoid trims, large portions of your hair will become damaged, and will eventually need to be cut off.

Most experts suggest that you get a trim every six to eight weeks. This will keep hair from splitting, and will not get in the way of healthy hair growth. On average, hair grows about one inch per month. If you cut off a quarter inch every eight weeks, you can still gain more than four inches of hair each year.

Haircuts Make Your Hair Easier To Manage

caucasian woman hair cutA trained stylist will do more than remove length from your hair. They will work to create a hairstyle that is manageable for you. If your hair is very thick, they might use thinning shears or a razor to reduce bulk. If your hair lacks body, they may add volume with razors.

Most people can’t afford to spend a lot of time styling their hair each morning. When people get regular haircuts, they can ready quickly while still looking polished.

While a haircut can be expensive, a trim can be quite affordable. Find a stylist that you trust, and make a point of scheduling trims regularly. In time, you’ll start to see the health of your hair improve. Regular haircuts are an important facet of hair care.