With a limited selection of hair extensions available in salons and physical locations that specialize in hair products, many people have turned towards the internet when looking for ways to acquire a wider variety of hair extensions. Shopping online does not only give the buyer a better selection of hair extensions, but is also more convenient, often offer products at a lower price, and there are no long lines to stand in before actually buying the product. There’s also the benefit of being discreet as some people who wear weaves try to make it fit in with their own hair; thus aiming for a more natural look.


Things To Consider When Buying Hair Extensions Online

Even though there are many benefits to buying hair extensions on the internet, people should still be wary of the fact that there are some companies out there that never deliver on their promises. For this reason, we recommend being cautious while shopping online and to do thorough research before making a final purchase. Here are a few tips that you should take into account when you decide to buy hair extensions on the internet:

  • When you find a set of extensions you want to buy on a particular website, take the name of the website or store you would like to buy from and paste it into Google. Add the word “reviews” next to the store’s name and hit enter. Read some reviews from past buyers to see what other people say about their experiences with the specific store that has the extensions you want to buy in stock.
  • Always ensure the website you are buying from has an SSL certificate in place. To verify this, look at the domain in the top part of your web browser. On the left side of the domain (or the URL of the specific page you are on), you should see a lock icon that is green if the website has an SSL certificate installed.
  • Read the terms and conditions, shipping policy, as well as the returns policy of the online store you want to buy from prior to making a purchase.

Where To Buy Hair Extensions Online

Now that we have shared some useful tips with you that will help you make a better decision when shopping for hair extensions on the internet, let’s look at some of the top brands and online stores that you can use to buy these products from. We have evaluated the popularity and authority of numerous online shops and came up with the ones that people seem to trust the most.


Mayvenn Hair

mayvennMayvenn Hair is an online shopping site that specializes in extensions and weaves made from real human hair. They have quite a large variety of styles to choose from, including straight, loose wave, deep wave, body wave and curly. The company showcases testimonies from past customers in video format on their website, which adds more authenticity to their reviews. The company’s extensions are also used by thousands of hair stylists in the United States.


Her Imports

her import logoExcellent choice for buying hair extensions online is Her Imports. This company only specializes in Brazilian hair, and has a variety of different products to choose from. They have different types of hair available – including premium virgin hair and discount virgin hair. The company also stocks a variety of wigs and frontals, and allows the customer to build their own bundle of hair extensions.


Buying hair online is an exciting way to get your hands on some of the best hair extensions. Visiting a salon to buy extensions often leads to a limited selection, but on the internet, there is a large variety of extensions, weaves and even products that you can use to care for your extensions.