The majority of the human population naturally has an off-black hair color or a very dark brown hair color. Red, also sometimes referred to as ginger, is a hair color that only affects about two percent of the global population, as reported on Red hair has many characteristics that make it likable, such as the fact that red hair colors are usually vibrant and the fact that it does not lose its color pigments as quickly as other natural hair colors. Red hair is also a popular choice amongst people who wear weaves. People with natural red hair can buy a red weave bundle in a shade that matches their natural color, or they can opt for a red weave and dye their natural hair to match the color. Another trend is to use a red weave on black hair to create an “ombre” look.


Shades Of Red

Before you set out to buy a red weave hair bundle, you should first consider the fact that there are many differed shades of red. While hair extensions are often not available in all of these shades, it is still important to determine which shade you need and then to find a shade of weave hair that closely matches the particular shade you require. Matrix explains that shades of red can be split into two main categories, being warm reds and cool red. In the warm reds category, you have shades like red copper, dark auburn and ginger. In the cool reds category, you have shades such as intense red, cherry brown, rose gold and burgundy. Matrix recommends going for a warm red shade if you have a fair complexion, while a cool red shade would be more appropriate for individuals with a darker complexion.

Buying a Red Weave Hair Bundle

red hair colorWhen it comes to buying red weave hair, there are quite a lot of different options to choose from. If you don’t know what you are looking for before you start buying, then you could end up with a worthless piece of hair that will not fit in with your personal style. Let’s take a closer look at the options that are available out there and the prices you should expect to pay if you are looking for a decent quality red weave.

One thing that should be noted here is that some of the top brands, such as Mayvenn Hair, does not stock any red weave hair. Instead, you will have to buy a blonde weave and then color the hair according to your preference. AliExpress, on the other hand, has a large variety of sellers that stock red weaves. When shopping for red weaves and hair extensions on this marketplace, however, we recommend looking for sellers that offer bundled weaves as this will significantly lower the cost per set of hair and usually includes different lengths of hair pieces so that they can be used for a full head. Some popular choices on AliExpress include straight virgin hair, which includes up to four pieces of hair and the cost vary between $33.05 and $118.45 per bundle. There is also options available in burgundy, burgundy ombre, wine red, and bright red. These prices vary depending on the type of hair, which may include Brazilian or Peruvian, as well as the length and quality of the hair. You should expect to pay between $33.05 and $150 for a quality bundle of hair.


Buying a bundle of red weave hair or extensions can be tricky. You need to find the perfect shade amongst all the different shades of red that would best suit your natural hair and your complexion. Choosing the wrong shade could lead to a lifeless look, but choosing the right shade of red can be beneficial. Opting for a bundled product can save you a lot of time, while also giving you access to numerous sets of extensions that can be used for a full sew in.