If your hair starts looking limp and rather oily after just two days, then it’s probably a good idea to try dry shampoo. This handy ‘secret weapon’ can help to give your hair a fresh lease of life, keeping it looking full-bodied and fresh for an extra couple of days.

While some people can get away with washing their hair every day, for others, it’s a time consuming chore, and it’s also not good for their hair – washing your hair every day will strip it of the oils that help to keep it healthy, not just get rid of dust and dirt. For those with color, washing can make the color fade more quickly, and it’s not exactly style friendly either.

Dry shampoo will stop your hair from getting oily, without doing damage to it or getting rid of the GOOD oils. It’s a convenient, fast, and effective way of taking care of your hair.

What is Dry Shampoo

using dry shampooDry shampoo is a powder that you comb through your hair. It soaks up excess grease, and leaves your hair looking clean and fresh. It’s existed since the 1970s, and it has become increasingly popular as people have found themselves more and more time-strapped, and also found that their hair is exposed to more chemicals and grime.

Dry shampoo will refresh your hair when it’s looking sweaty and limp after a workout. It stops greasy hair becoming unmanageable and it is a good pick-me-up too. If you’re heading to a meeting after a long flight, or you’re going out for a meal after a hard day at work you can pick up your hair with this treatment, and it will look fresh, fuller, and less frizzy. Many people even us it as a dry styling product.

Dry shampoo is best used on straight, fine hair. It won’t work so well on hair that is curly or very coarse, and it won’t work so well on hair that’s dry either. It tends to leave a little residue behind, so you have to choose the shampoo carefully – someone with dark hair will need to use a different type to someone with blonde hair.

On paper, it’s possible to use a home-made version of dry shampoo. Many people use talc, baby powder and even cornmeal to fix up their hair in a pinch, but that’s not something you can get away with if you are dark haired.

There are some great commercial products for people with darker hair, and you can even get scented products that will really freshen you up. Prices vary, and you’d be surprised how good even some of the cheaper options are.

Remember that you will still need to wash your hair, and it’s hard to beat a proper soak, shampoo and conditioner treatment, but using dry shampoo to tide you over when you’re busy or in a rush is a good time saver, and it could actually improve the health of your hair too.