Buying hair extensions and weaves online can be tricky. There are a lot of things that should be considered before you hit the “buy” button – such as how trustworthy the seller is and whether or not they actually deliver on their promises. Since the items are purchased online, you can’t see the actual product before making the purchase, and you have to trust the claims made by the seller. You will only be able to assess the product and determine its quality after it is delivered to your address. If you end up receiving extensions or a weave that is not as promised, chances are you may not even be able to return the product for an exchange or refund. This is a common problem that many girls face today, and many people take the risk only to receive something entirely different than what is seen on the website. This is where Aliexpress comes in. Aliexpress is one marketplace that lists thousands of companies that sell hair extensions and similar products allowing you to choose the best product among many. But picking the item that suits you best and buying the best Aliexpress hair can be a difficult task.

Hype Hair recommends that girls who are seeking to buy hair online should first be aware of the fake sites that sell knockoffs or do not deliver. They also recommend thoroughly inspecting the hair once received and analyzing its quality. Furthermore, they urge women to be cautious, and to refrain from acting impulsive when you see hair at a price that seems too good to be true. The rule is: if it’s too good to be true, something is probably wrong.

Naturally Curly also recommends knowing the difference between hair types, such as virgin and remy hair, as well as educating yourself about hand-tied and machine weft hair, and the differences between the two techniques. From our side, we’ve done some research and determined the best Aliexpress hair suppliers that are currently available based on reviews, popularity, orders and the quality of the products.


iShow Hair

ishow hairiShow Hair is one of the most popular suppliers and is considered to stock the best hair on Aliexpress. Their products and options vary widely; thus it is the perfect brand for any shopper. The most popular product offered by iShow Hair at the moment is the 7A Malaysian Virgin Hair, which has a 4.7 average rating (out of 5.0) and has been ordered more than 6,000 times. They have been supplying hair extensions on Aliexpress for the past year. The company has a 96.3% positive rating and is backed by 15,401 user reviews. By looking at their past reviews, it seems like almost all of their customers are happy with the products they received, consider the company’s communication to be excellent and are very happy with the speed of shipping.


Ms. Cat Hair

Ms. Cat Hair is another popular supplier at Aliexpress. They stock a wide variety of hair, with their best-selling product being the 8A Brazilian Virgin Straight Hair Bundle – with an average rating of 4.7 (voted by 1,784 customers) and a total order count of 5,529. The store has attracted over 7,700 reviews, and has an average positive feedback rating of 97.5%. The company offers many different hair textures, styles, and types. They are therefore able to meet any requirements and offer you the exact type of hair you are looking for to create any look you want.


Meetu Virgin Human Hair Co. Ltd.

Meetu Virgin Human Hair Co. Ltd. has a 96.3% positive feedback rating and almost 4,000 clients have provided them with a positive rating on their store at Aliexpress. They are among the highest rated suppliers of human hair extensions on the marketplace and he store has been in business for over three years. All of Meetu’s products are virgin human hair that does not contain any synthetic or mixed-in materials. Most of their products are priced from around $16 per bundle.



If you’re planning to buy hair extensions online, you should be cautious. While there are many trustworthy suppliers, some are also scamming people or sending them fake synthetic hair at the price of unprocessed virgin hair. Doing some initial research and finding a trustworthy supplier a very important step when you’re shopping for extensions or weaves online. The suppliers we’ve shared here are all trustworthy and the quality of their products is backed by many positive reviews. You can view their products and many more at Aliexpress to find the perfect hair for you.