Hi Ladies!

You know we barely EVER email you.

But this time is different.

This time we felt we absolutely HAD too.

This fresh, new product literally changes the game – the Mayvenn 360 Frontal.

Listen, you may be thinking “what the heck is a 360 frontal?!” and that’s fine, but we promise you it’s something to familiarize yourself with very, very quickly if you want your hair to be on point.

We placed an order with Mayveen to see for ourselves what all the hype was about.

Ladies, let me be the first to say that I had my doubts. A lot of doubts, actually. But after we had our staff test and use the 360 frontal EVERYONE in our office became a fan.

Because of the overwhelming approval from the entire staff, I’m very confident you’re going to love it as well.

BUT, it ain’t cheap!!! So, because we want to make sure everyone can get their hands on a 360 frontal regardless of budget here is what I’m going to do for you.

If you choose to purchase a 360 frontal through THIS LINK, Hair Critics will send you 3 FREE virgin hair bundles from Mayvenn of your choice.

Yes THREE free bundles. ANY style, ANY length. 100% FREE of charge if you purchase the 360 frontal by following the simple instructions below.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that if you use our coupon code “HAIRCRITICS” at checkout, you’ll receive a extra 15% discount on your order as well.

This deal is crazy. You’re getting 20% off your 360 frontal order + 3 additional FREE hair bundles of your choosing.

You won’t find this offer anywhere else because no other organization or website is willing to give you that much extra value of hair for free. This is my gift to you, as a loyal follower of HairCritics.com, and also a way to show you that we are the uncontested Hair Authority Online.

Sound like a good deal?


1) Here is the link to purchase the 360 Frontal again —> Link To Purchase.

***It’s extremely important that you click that link and then place your 360 frontal order. If you do not click that link your name will not be logged in our system and you won’t receive your 3 free bundles. You 100% need to click on it and then place the order.

***Please ONLY purchase the 360 frontal – do NOT purchase any of the 3 free bundles you want.

2) Use this coupon code at checkout to get 15% off —> HAIRCRITICS

3) Send us an email to freehair@haircritics.com with the following details:

  • First and Last Name
  • Mayvenn Order Number
  • The address you want us to ship your free to
  • Tell us which 3 Mayvenn bundles you want us to send you for free!

Remember, you MUST follow the three steps above. If you don’t, your name will not be logged in our database and you will not be eligible for the free 3 bundle promotion.

Here is the catch – this offer ends next Friday (Sept. 1st at midnight). I have to shut the doors down then or we’ll go broke giving away all this free hair.

This is the deal of the century right here. Now go take advantage of it ladies!!!

All The Best,

The Team at HairCritics.com

Please Note: All free product requests must be received within 15 days of initial purchase on HairCritics.Mayvenn.com. If the four pieces of information listed in step #3 above are not contained within the email you will not be eligible to receive the free products (no questions asked). So please, pleaseee make sure to include everything listed above in your email to us!

IMPORTANT: This is a one-time only offer! Take advantage of it now before you lose your chance!