heat damaged hairThe world we live is fast paced and sometimes leaves little time for people to accomplish everything they need to do. This is somewhat more true for wives and mothers than men, mostly because they have the responsibilities of caring for their home and children. If these women happen to also hold a full time job, they are even more rushed. This situation often means women do not have the time to take care of their hair as well as they should.
A healthy head of hair can be damaged in various ways, including too much washing, vigorous toweling, pulling the strands while combing or brushing and using any heated hair styling tools. The very best way to maintain healthy hair is to always let it air dry, but that takes some extra time which most women have precious little of. Unless a woman wishes to wear her hair in a very short style, she will need to use a blow dryer to some extent.

So what is the busy working woman to do? She needs to look her best while on the job, but does not have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Talk with your hairdresser and decide on an easy to style hair cut – this could be a great option since the her hair will likely need less washing, drying and curling. If healthy hair is not shampooed every day in the shower, it will retain more of its natural moisture. When a shampoo is necessary, a leave-in conditioner or heat protecting spray can minimize the damage of any hair styling tools that use heat. In addition, using the lowest heat setting on the hair dryer will also help to reduce breakage and splitting of the ends.

The type of hair dryer used is important since a cheap dryer with only one heat setting is sure to cause the most damage. Beauty supply stores usually have the best type of dryers with several temperature settings. Hair dryers that come with various attachments such as a diffuser, a nozzle or one equipped with a brush roller attachment also help to distribute the heated air evenly throughout the hair to prevent hot spots.

young woman using a hair drierWomen with abundant hair should dry it in sections; perhaps beginning in the back by bending over and letting the hair hang forward. The dryer should be set on low and then medium until the hair is about 90 percent dry. Then the hair should be allowed to cool a bit before finishing the style with a comb, brush or rollers.

The hair dryer should always be used on the lowest setting especially for women with fine hair. Thick or coarse hair can tolerate more heat than thin hair, so the texture and volume of the hair should be taken into account while blow drying. While some women do not like the feel of products on their hair, a leave-in conditioner that contains silicone helps to protect the hair and usually leaves the hair feeling natural.