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There are many different hair colors, ranging from black to blonde, and even reds. Many people find that simply changing their hairstyles do not provide them with the appropriate level of “transformation” to truly feel like they have changed their appearance for the better. Thus, a hair color is sometimes necessary for perfecting that “new you” look. In some cases, a person would also have to dye their hair to better match the color of extensions or weave hair that they have purchased as installing hair that does not match the color of their natural hair would make it obvious that they are wearing extensions. One particular color that is often discussed by people who wear weaves is 1B, also known as off-black.

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Where Does 1B Hair Color Fit In

1B hair color is the natural color for black. It is also called an off-black color and it is the closest to black that natural hair can go. This hair color lies between #1, which is black (or jet black) and #2, which is the darkest brown color possible on human hair (the color usually seems to be black until you go in for a closer look). One thing that you will notice is that the majority of wigs, hair extensions and weave hair also comes in a 1B hair color instead of a solid black color. This is because #1 is not a natural color, but rather a dyed color; whereas 1B is the natural “black” hair color. If you find yourself buying hair that has a #1 color, or “jet black” color, then the hair has been processed and dyed prior to packaging and distribution; thus the hair would not have a natural color. For this reason, if you are looking to buy 100% virgin human hair, rather opt for hair that has the 1B hair color and not #1 as there is a better chance that the hair would be real and unprocessed with this natural hair color.

Achieving 1B Hair Color

If you have bought hair on the internet, then you are not able to check the specific color against your natural hair color prior to purchase. You may receive the extensions and notice that the hair does not fully match the color of your natural hair; thus you will need to do some coloring to make sure your natural hair matches the color of the extensions. If you naturally have black hair, then you most likely have a 1B hair color. If you bought extensions that also has a 1B hair color from a trusted supplier, then there is a good chance that your natural hair simply needs a touchup (with age, hair can become gray, and its color may lose its original vibrance). In such a case, you have two primary options that can help you dye your hair and get the two colors to match perfectly:

  • Temporary hair color, which may include semi-permanent dye, demi-permanent dye or henna.
  • Permanent hair color – if you decide to use permanent hair color, try to opt for a brand that has an ammonia-free option to choose from.

If you have been staying in tune with the latest updates in the world of celebrities, you’ll see that many celebrities enjoy wearing their hair in a 1B color – an off-black color that still looks very much natural. Some examples include Roger Kisby and Nicki Minaj.

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When buying hair online, you will be given the option to choose from many different hair colors. Some companies have as much as 40 different hair colors to choose from. Since black extensions are one of the most popular colors you will find, knowing the difference between a natural (#1b) and unnatural (#1) hair color is essential if you are aiming towards a more natural look. If you want to die your natural hair to 1b, here is the hair dye I use that works really well.