Healthy hair can help a person achieve many different looks as hair is often used to add more characteristics to a person’s overall sense of fashion. Taking good care of your hair, however, is often a more complicated and time-consuming task than you would hope it to be. While washing your hair at the right intervals, avoiding showers that are too hot, applying conditioner regularly and using a hairdryer at a low-heat setting instead of a high-heat setting are all methods for ensuring hair does not get damaged, improving the quality and appearance of hair is rather complex, especially if damage has already been done.

Fortunately, there are a massive variety of products that can be used to aid in caring for hair, repairing damage and improving the appearance of even the frizziest of hair types. Not all products are created equal though, so knowing the difference between a good and a bad product is essential. Another important part of using hair care products to help manage hair is the fact that different products are meant for different types of hair. For example, using products that contain glycerol can moisture hair if it is dry, but using such a product on oily hair can increase shine and make hair seem oilier.

Naked Hair Products

Naked Hair is a range of original and unique products that are manufactured by Essations Incorporated. This company specialized in hair care products and they have decades of experience in the hair and hair care industry. Naked by Essations is the latest line of hair care produced by the company. The brand specializes in helping hair stylists become entrepreneurs. They also offer education that helps hair stylists stay in tune with the latest technology and techniques used in the hair care industry. Their products are also tailored toward the needs of hair stylists, but is also used by thousands of regular consumers. The company’s headquarters are located in Illinois and they offer a shopping portal directly on the brand’s homepage.

Products In The Naked By Essations Range

The Naked By Essations range contains a variety of products that can be used for different purposes, as well as for different types of hair. The products in the range varies in price from $7 to $136. The products can be purchased on the official Essations shopping portal, as well as from third-party distributors, including Amazon and Ensley Beauty Supply.

By looking at the ratings and reviews behind their products, it seems like the following are the line’s most impressive products:

  • Naked Satin Silkening Glaze – A thermal smoothing product that helps to seal cuticles and offers a rich shine without making the hair excessively oily. Only three to five drops of the product are distributed into hair and then blow dried. One bottle of Naked Satin Silkening Glaze costs $20.50.

naked satin silkening gaze

  • Naked Moisture Repair Shampoo – Another popular product seems to be the Naked Moisture Repair Shampoo. This shampoo contains no sulfates and provides the user the ability to gently cleanse their hair without stripping it of its essential oils. This product costs $15.50 per bottle.
  • Naked Infusion 365 – This product utilizes a variety of herbal extracts to protect hair against the heat expelled from styling tools like a flat iron and hairdryer. This product is also perfect for detangling hair. A bottle of Naked Infusion 365 costs $14.50.

naked infusion


Naked hair products have quite a good reputation among past users. The company used years of experience and expertise to build this line from the ground up, resulting in an effective range of products that can be used to better manage almost any type of hair – whether its natural or not.