leave in conditioner for curly hairMany of us have curly hair, and we often face a tough time when it comes to managing the curls. The difficulty we face is a convincing reason why we should learn the tips and tricks to appear stunning with our curly hair. A leave-in conditioner made specifically for curly hair can help us get rid of most of the difficulties of curly hair. However, the key is to use an effective and safe formula.

If you are not using a leave-in conditioner for your curly hair, there are some valid reasons you should be. A leave-in conditioner helps keep your curls in good condition and protects them from external damaging factors. How? It regulates the strands and gives them regular doses of moisture as per their requirements, so they are protected from drying out, breaking or fraying.

Leave-in conditioners are developed on formulas that lock in hydration, and this is particularly important for curly locks because they need extra hydration. Otherwise, they’ll just die out. As compared to straight hair, curly hair mostly remains dry and needs an additional dose of moisture. This can be achieved with a nutrients laden leave-in conditioner.

The good news is that the best leave-in conditioner will not only keep your curls hydrated but also get you rid of the irksome frizzing and tangling issues that always accompany curly hair. Even better, it can do away with split ends and give you full control over the management of your hair. After applying leave-in conditioner, you will also find it easy to style your hair.

But how do you differentiate between the good and bad leave-in conditioners? Or how do you know which conditioner is the best? Read on to know how.

Not all leave-in conditioners are created equal, and not all leave-in conditioners can help with your curly hair. The composition and makeup of curly hair are completely different, triggering the need for special hair products, including leave-in conditioners. It is important to understand that the disulfide bonds between the hair proteins in your locks govern the degree of your curls. Curly hair is unique in terms of composition, construction, and bonds.

Before the advent of hair products, shampoos, and conditioners, people around the world used oils to keep their hair in good shape. People with curly hair have struggled since ages to keep their hair in good health. Though oils have helped them, they didn’t as much as the use of leave-in conditioners today. A leave-in conditioner actually protects your hair from environmental factors, heat, dryness and other potentially risky factors.

When it comes to curly hair, it is wise always to pick a leave-in conditioner made specifically for curly hair because regular conditioners are either extremely thick or contain oils. You should also be careful while selecting your leave-in conditioner because some brands contain dangerous substances like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Good conditioners developed for curly hair contain high doses of an element called humectant, which retains moisture and then provides it to your hair. Besides keeping your hair moist, humectant also makes it shiny and healthy.

In order to steer clear of buying bad quality products, and sometimes-risky products, it is always judicious to do your homework first. A simple, five minutes research on the Internet can be very helpful in finding a good quality leave-in conditioner. When you find any brand that claims to give your hair a magical look instantly, never forget to read the ingredients because sometimes they contain dangerous elements. You should also be aware of what each ingredient does to your hair. Some ingredients have both advantages and disadvantages, so you should be able to make your decision based on the risks and your preferences.

We researched the Internet, read reviews and studied the ingredients of different leave-in conditioners to find the best one. We came across a variety of good quality brands, but our pick for the best leave-in conditioner is Ouidad Moisture Lock. This leave-in conditioner is highly effective and developed dedicatedly for curly hair. The lightweight treatment can easily regulate your curls for hydration besides detangling the strands and protecting your locks from risk factors.

The good news is that Ouidad will also help keep the frizz away and make your hair healthy. This leave-in conditioner contains safe ingredients like proteins, organic antioxidants, vitamin B5, and arnica extracts. The protein attracts and retains moisture from the atmosphere while the antioxidants and vitamin safeguard your curly hair besides making them shinier and easier to manage and style. Does Ouidad contain any dangerous ingredients? No, it absolutely does not. Unlike most leave-in conditioners, Ouidad steers clear of the use of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.