Over washing your hair can be very damaging. To avoid over washing your hair, here are some ways to rock your hair even when its oily! Besides, washing your hair less will train your hair to produce less oil, allowing you to wash your hair less and have less oily looking hair! So, really it’s a win-win! If you’ve read my previous articles about dry shampoo, you’ll know how much I love to use it in between washes. First of all, my best tip for keeping your hair clean longer is to use dry shampoo in your roots the same day as washing it. Yes, you heard me right – the same day! I will usually wash my hair in the morning, and then right before bed, I’ll comb it through and use dry shampoo just in the roots. It also helps to sleep with your hair up in a soft bun or soft top knot so your hair isn’t all over the place while you sleep. It is important to remember, that on days when you aren’t washing your hair, do not brush the roots! Brush the bottom of your hair so it doesn’t get tangled, but leave the roots alone. If you must brush the roots, use a comb. Another tip to prolong your hair from staying clean is not to touch the roots with your hands (unless you are rubbing in the dry shampoo of course). Oils from your fingers transfer to your scalp, creating extra oil build up.

Onto the exciting part of showing you the best hair styles for oily roots. What I like about both of these looks is that your hair is still down. Just because you have oily roots, doesn’t mean you have to wear it in a bun or pony. Honestly. I think sometimes that type of hairstyle makes your hair look even more oily!

Half up half downhalf up half down hair style

My ultimate favorite is the half up half down look. It looks so put together, perfect for work, school, and even happy hour! I think this look is perfect for those of us that can’t help but touch our hair throughout the day. Because your hair is pulled back, you will be less likely to be fiddling around with it, allowing the roots to stay untouched will keep your hair from unwanted oils. To create this look, you’ll want to brush your hair back with a comb, and put half of it up as you normally would a pony tail. For more volume, you can add more dry shampoo to the roots before you pull it back or use hair extensions as well, but that’s up to you. If you like to wear your hair straight, then you are done! If you prefer wavy, then use your favorite hair tool to create your waves and you are done!

Down and pinned back

This is a look I like to rock at least once a week. Same as above, if you want more volume with this look, spray dry shampoo through the roots and brush it out. Next, you will want to take the middle section as though you were to create a “poof” and gently pin it back with some bobby pins, and you are done!hair pulled back