It’s not only 80’s fashion that seems to be back in style but some of the iconic ‘big hair’ trends have also made a comeback. But in order to achieve this look, you need to learn to tease your hair.

This step-by-step guide will help you attain maximum volume without damaging your hair.

Step 1 – Dry Your Hair

It is much easier to tease dry hair than wet or damp hair so blow dry, straighten and style your hair before starting the teasing process. Whether you are rocking the curl or straight hair, teasing will create that ‘big hair’ style you are after.

Step 2 – The Tools

You will need:

– A fine tooth comb.
– Hair brush.
– Blow dryer.
– Maximum hold hairspray.
– Hair Clips.

section hair for tease You can tease your hair with any type of brush or comb but a fine tooth comb is ideal to achieve the best results. You will be using lots of hairspray so make sure you have plenty and that you use a product that is designed for maximum hold.

Step 3 – Section Your Hair

It is best to tease your hair in small sections rather than large portions at a time. Start at bottom and work your way up or at the back moving forward. Use the hair clips to hold the teased sections separate from the rest of the hair.

Step 4 – The Teasing Process

Hold your selected section of hair (or extensions) straight up in the air near the ends. Take your comb, place it about 5cm’s from the roots and start pushing the hair strands down until a ‘birds nest’ look is formed. The higher up the hair you start, the greater the volume you will achieve.

Spray each section liberally with hairspray after teasing to hold it in place. Don’t spray before teasing as this could damage the hair. Use the blow dryer an a low, gentle setting to dry the hairspray quickly and for extra hold.

You can tease just your bangs or entire head of hair depending on the look you want to achieve. For limp, fine or healthy hair that loses the tease quickly, rub some hair mousse and gel on the roots before teasing.

Step 5 – The Finishbig teased hair kim k

You don’t want to walk around with your actually looking like a birds nest. Use the hairbrush to comb a small portion of hair straight over the teased hair. You can use a hair straightener or curling iron on the brushed section to achieve a better finished look if necessary.

Spray again with the hairspray to hold the brushed section in place. 80’s ‘big hair’ styles are not about free flowing locks but rather about a bullet proof coif that won’t loose it’s volume throughout the day or night so don’t be shy with that hairspray.

It may take a little practice and some trial and error to get the look you want the first time around so give yourself plenty of time to learn the process.