Virgin Hair FertilizerThe African American population has developed some of the most unique hairstyles. The unique hair texture with its small tight curls has enabled African Americans to experiment and come up with original styles that enjoy a lot of personality. These gorgeous hairstyles are effortlessly chic can’t be copied easily. A lot of these hair styles have been developed based on older African hairstyles, with some origins of these styles dating back as far as the 15th century.

Unfortunately, hair naturally grows by about half an inch every month. With slow-growing hair, a lot of African-American men and women are unable to express their personality through their unique hairstyles due to short hair. After all, the seemingly effortlessly chic hairstyle requires a great deal of effort. You probably know the struggle. This is why a lot of people, especially women, opt for weaves, and using their own “virgin” hair is often the preferred method. However, there are ways to significantly speed up hair growth – using a virgin hair fertilizer is one very effective method.

What Are Virgin Hair Fertilizers?

A virgin hair fertilizer is usually a greasy moisturizer for the hair. These products are developed to stimulate blood flow in the head, which in turn leads to faster hair growth. Even though a similar reaction can be achieved by massaging the scalp with plain water, many African American girls and women believe that using a virgin hair fertilizer has a more potent effect, and that it allows them to gain more hair length in a shorter time period. These products are usually available in the form of a greasy cream that is applied to the scalp, but there are also serums available that works in a similar way.

How Is Virgin Hair Fertilizers Used?

Virgin hair fertilizers are used directly on your virgin hair. This means if you enjoy wearing a weave during the day, you should take it off before using the fertilizing product. A small amount of the cream is massaged into the scalp in a slow motion. Once you have massaged the product onto your scalp, you need to leave it on for a while – usually overnight.

What To Consider When Buying A Virgin Hair Fertilizer?

Before buying a virgin hair fertilizer, you need to take a few factors into consideration. An important factor that should be considered is the fact that many of these products contain menthol, a compound with a minty smell. If you have a very sensitive scalp, you may have an adverse reaction when applying the grease onto the head.

How Much Do They Cost And Are They Worth The Price?

The average price of a virgin hair fertilizer product varies and depends on the brand and type of product. The prices generally range from $9 up towards about $15. There are more expensive versions of these products on the market as well. There isn’t a significant difference in the pricing of the grease or balm-based version of these products compared to the serums.

Which Brands Are Better?

The majority of the products that are promoted as a fertilizer for virgin hair enjoy positive ratings at Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers. There are, however, some brands that have better ratings than others, which means these brands are generally considered as the better choice. The Roots Naturalle and PrePoo For Hair seem to be two of the most popular brands.


The use of a virgin hair fertilizer has become popular among the African American population. Both men and women use this type of product to stimulate hair growth and achieve the hair length they aspire for quickly, and be able to create a style they prefer in a shorter period of time. These products are usually affordable and readily available in stores and at online retailers.