When your hair has volume, every style you wear looks like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. The trouble is, adding volume (and keeping it) can be challenging. The following 10 tips will help you achieve high volume that lasts.

1. Use A Foaming Mousse When StylingAdding volume to hair

A foaming mousse holds hair in place, but it also lifts it up from its roots, first. Rub a large puff of the mouse between your fingers, then run them through your hair from the roots upward, avoiding the very ends (as that will weigh them down).

2. Blow Dry On Medium Heat

Intense heat isn’t healthy for your hair anyway, but drying for a longer period of time on a lower heat setting will help to lock in your volume and style. It also gives you more time to spritz with a freeze in just the right places.

3. Use A Round Brush When Dryinground brush drying

Gently lift hair at the roots around the curve of the brush as the air flows through. The longer you hold the hair in the bristles, the more volume you should achieve when drying your hair.

4. Part Your Hair Differently

If you’re pressed for time or don’t have access to styling products and tools, simply part your hair differently; the new flip will add bounce and volume to your look.

5. Massage Your Scalp With Coconut Oil

Massaging your scalp 2-4 times a week will improve circulation at the follicles, allowing for faster growth and stronger roots, which will naturally add fullness. Coconut oil is a natural, highly effective conditioner for both hair and skin.

6. Avoid Harmful Additives In Your Hair Products

Speaking of natural, it’s definitely in the best interest of your hair’s fullness and luster to avoid harmful chemicals in your hair products. Look out for ingredients like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate as they can irritate your scalp and weigh hair down; many of them will also strip your hair of its natural oils and healthy shine and can also effect your hair weaves as well.

7. Try Yoga For Healthier Hair!

You already know stress is bad for your mind and body, but know too, that it’s really hard on your hair. Stress is a common cause of hair loss in both men and women and stress also leads your body into an unfortunate hormonal imbalance, something that can also wreak havoc on your hair, skin, nails, sleep, digestion and energy. Yoga brings it all back in balance, helping you negate the tension and replace it with peace.Aloe Vera for volume

8. Use Aloe Vera As A Hair Treatment

Aloe as an all-over hair and scalp treatment will nourish to a shine, adding fullness and volume. Use a completely natural form of aloe, generously applying it to both your hair and scalp; allow it to set for around 60 minutes, then shampoo as usual. You can also achieve these same results with a product like Hairfinity.

9. Get Regular Trims

Split ends don’t just leave you looking frazzled and frayed, they also weigh your hair down, so it’s not as full and bouncy as it should be. Have those split ends trimmed often for greater volume and ease of styling, not to mention faster hair growth.

10. Top It Off With Finishing Spray

To seize the style and keep hair full and fluffy, top off your tresses with a high-quality finishing spray. Make sure it treats your hair with as much TLC as it does staying power and your look is shiny, voluminous and downright envious!

You now have 10 fabulous ways to get fuller hair with mega volume. Don’t settle for flat, dull hair ever again.