Best Serum for Hair Straightening

Remember when you ironed your hair to university daily until it became burnt sticks? Oh, wait that’s not you.

That was me. For the record, I tried to iron those “burnt sticks” to tame them a little, but they were truly fried and did not respond to anything anymore.

Eventually, I had to cut down my hair and “not straighten them”, growing them for at least one year. But guess what?

My extra burnt hair and my natural frizzy curls looked the same.

I repeated “the straight my hair to burnt crisp, cut them to a Bob, and then grow them back to become Hagrid” cycle over and over. And please don’t forget the crying every step of the way.

Finally, I decided to end the cycle by protecting my hair from iron-burning. And I succeeded.

Ask me what I did!? Well, I started using the straightening serums and voila.

I have found the answers to my midnight prayers. So, as a token of my gratitude to God, I decided to share this knowledge with all of you.
In case you want to protect your hair from heat treatments, here is a list of straightening serums that I have used and recommend:

TIGI Bed Head Frizz Control Freak Serum 

Item FormSerum
Hair TypeFrizzy
Liquid Volume250 Milliliters

This one works against that frizz that comes with straightening hair. So, the baby hair on your temple that keeps on standing up, will finally sit down.

The label says it’s a “Frizz Control Freak Serum”, but I always read it as “Frizz freak control serum”.

It’s the same thing though. When I first used this, I transformed from a Hagrid to one of the KPOP stars with perfect hair luster and silkiness. Frankly, I have used this one without even straightening my hair.
It made me flaunt my natural curls in an “I am Hermione, not Hagrid” kind of way. Just apply some product on your damp hair and off you go with smooth looks.

But don’t use this one daily or more than the prescribed volume. Otherwise, it will make your hair look greasy.

It's not a nourishing serum, so you cannot help your already damaged hair. But you can help save your natural hair and make them look neat. Besides, it has a nice refreshing smell.

IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum 

ScentFruity bubblegum.
Item FormSerum
Product BenefitsShining, Breakage Control
Hair TypeChemically Treated

If becoming a Rapunzel is your dream and you have long but frizzy bushy hair like me, use this one.

This serum can be applied to all kinds of hair. So, you can massage this in dry, wet, damp, extra-dry, or even extra-wet hair.

The glycerol and natural extracts within this product cover your hair and protect them from heat.

It also makes them look healthy and shiny. Don’t use it, if you are not going for perming, straightening, or blow-drying.

It’s not for “I wanted to flaunt my natural curls but decided to use a magic serum” cause it’s not magic.
It’s more like a shield against “I will kill my hair with my own hands using iron heat”. You get the gist, right? The smell is fruity but not pungent.

I regularly use this one on me and not at all on my cat- Jack. Okay, Guilty. But in my defense, I just bathed Jack, and he was going to get a blow-dry so, he needed the heat protective serum.
By the way, my cat still smells good and looks good-enough fluffy. But if that’s not your thing, don’t try this.

Keratin Cure Shine Hair Serum

BrandKeratin Cure
Item FormGel
Product BenefitsHeat Protection
Hair TypeAll

This one is a perfect blend of straightening and nourishing serum. Just apply this to your washed damp hair and massage it well.

The silicone within this serum covers the hair surface and gives the hair a shiny smooth feel.

Once the hair having serum within is ironed or curled, the silicone gets fixed over the hair surface.

This silicone layer locks in the moisture. So, no dry bushy hair, even after washing the hair.

And of course, no crying for good old hair. This serum stops ironed hair from tangling, thereby making the hair feel windy.

When I first used this serum and straightened my hair, I felt like Julia Roberts with a good hair day.
Before using this, I didn’t know what feeling beautiful on the outside meant.

But it may as well be owing to its nourishing nature. It contains vitamins, keratin cure proteins, and natural extracts.

So, if you haven’t much damaged your hair yet, this serum will return vitality to your hair.

I do not recommend this for you if you have an extremely oily scalp cause then you will look greasy. But, if you have normal skin and want to flaunt your hair, this is the perfect product.

Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum

BrandMixed Chicks
Item FormSerum
Hair TypeCurly
Liquid Volume0.15 Fluid Ounces

If you want a blend of nourishing serum and straightening serum, this is the serum for you.

Apply it to your damp hair and it will reduce your frizz. When ironed, the hair will look shiny and properly maintained.

Early on, I avoided using this serum because I was not too fond of the name of this product.

I mean who calls their product “Chicks”? Besides, my brother’s girlfriend kept calling him “Chick”. So maybe it was weird rather than offensive.

Anyways, I bought the product on a whim one day and I am glad that I did. This serum will give your curls shine, moisturize them, and will help you look chic; and not a chick.

It is especially good if you are going for Rachel Green’s curls.
It is compatible with all skin types, so even if you have oily skin this one is fine for use. The smell is light and flower-like.

I recommend this for sleek-straights, bouncy-curls, and lavish perms. But if you naturally have straight hair and only want to manage frizz, this might not be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does serum make your hair straight?

Yes. And No. straightening serums are applied before ironing hair to protect them from heat.

They ease the ironing process and make hair look shiny. But it’s not like I used this magical serum and now my hair is straight.

Which Hair Serum is Best for Hair Straightening?

I mostly use IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum.

However, if you have an oily scalp or already damaged hair, maybe Mixed-chicks or keratin cure will be better suited for you.

If your only problem is frizz-control, then go for TIGI frizz-control Serum.


I hope this helped you to find the right serum for styling. But no matter the serum you choose, make sure you treat your hair kindly and feel comfortable the way they look to you, yourself.

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