Which Makeup Box Subscription Is Best For You?

Are you a huge makeup fanatic that lives for trying out new beauty products? If the answer is yes, then Makeup Box Subscriptions is the right thing for you. If you are dying to explore the newest beauty products, subscribing to a monthly makeup subscription box is one of the best ways to keep up with the newest trends. So, here are the best makeup box subscriptions that you should try!


Birchbox is considered the beauty box that started this phenomenal trend. Every monthly Birchbox offers several beauty samples that are customized to your needs. Each Birchbox beauty sample is picked out in order to match your beauty profile. Samples include both familiar and a little less familiar beauty brands that are designed for your beauty and style needs.

Each month, there are 5 samples inside the box and the types of items include skincare, makeup and fragrances and hair products. Some of the most popular beauty brands in the world are listed in the Birchbox monthly set. Some of them include Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Benefit Cosmetics, Jimmy Choo, and Estee Lauder.

The best thing about ordering Birchbox on a monthly basis is that customers can complete a special profile in which they answer questions about their beauty preferences. These include information about skin condition, favorite beauty products and much more. These answers are further used in order to put together a box that is specially customized for a customer. Another great thing about Birchbox is that customers are encouraged to give reviews in order to improve the customization in the future.

subscription box pieces


Similar to Birchbox, Ipsy box subscription offers a wide variety of beauty products. Of course, all of them are specifically tailored to your needs and beauty preferences. Every month, you are encouraged to fill in a questionnaire that will provide information based on your beauty and style preferences. Ipsy box subscription will then put together a set of 5 beauty products only for you.

A great thing about Ipsy box subscription is that you get a different makeup bag (for free) every month. Some of the brands that could be included in an Ipsy box are Derma E, Smashbox, Ouai and Too Faced.

Another great thing about Ipsy box subscription is that customers who prefer hair products can choose only products that are related to hair. On the other hand, makeup lovers can pick up the best makeup products and focus on ordering only those. Ipsy box subscription includes 5 customized products for the price of $10/month.

Sephora Play

A cadre of beauty experts at Sephora in collaboration with Play! put together a customized box with the best beauty products. Some of the most famous brands in the beauty and makeup industry are included in Sephora Play box subscription. Marc Jacobs Fragrances, Kat Von D and Benefit Cosmetics are brands that you can expect in your monthly box if you decide to order Sephora Play this month!

As with some of the best makeup box subscription plans, Sephora Play also has a questionnaire that customers fill out. Based on information provided by each individual, a customized Sephora Play box subscription is tailored to beauty needs of customers. There are 5 products in each Sephora Play box subscription and they include beauty, makeup, hair and skin products. A monthly price is $10.

Another great thing about Sephora Play is that they offer an app with helpful guides and tutorials for all the products you order. This is definitely a great way to learn about beauty products that you don’t know about and perhaps find some great makeup tools that will blow you away!


Boxycharm is a synonym to variety. So, if you are looking for variety of products, this is the perfect box for you. Inside the box, you can expect to find beauty tools, color cosmetics and skincare products. Some brands that you can find inside of Boxycharm are Smashbox, Tarte, Dr. Brandt and many more.

Every monthly Boxycharm box will have 4 or five customized full size luxury beauty products ranging from color cosmetics, skin care, makeup and beauty tools. All of this is at a price of $21 a month because all the products are full size when compared to some other box subscriptions which are sending over sample size products. With that in mind, this definitely one of the best makeup box subscriptions that includes top-notch makeup brands on a monthly basis!

Whether if it’s makeup, hair care, skin care or any other type of cosmetic or beauty product, these are some of the best makeup box subscription deals that will not disappoint! Hopefully, this will help you find the best monthly beauty subscription service tailored especially for your needs.