A Guide To Covering Hair Loss With Hair Toppers

brown long hairWhile wigs have become a popular option amongst both men and women who experience hair loss, the coverage offered by a wig is sometimes considered too much when hair loss is still at a beginning phase. Individuals who suffer from hair loss often wishes for a smaller hair piece that would allow them to only cover the parts on their head where hair lost has occurred, and still allow them to blend their natural hair with such a hair piece. With this in mind, many people are rather opting for one of the best hair toppers on the market, which allows for the coverage of specific regions where hair loss has occurred, without covering the remaining natural hair of the wearer.

Shopping for hair toppers can be somewhat complicated, as there is a lot of factors that a person has to take into account if they wish to buy the right hair topper. If the right hair topper is chosen, the areas where hair loss is experienced can be completely covered; thus fully hiding the fact that a person is suffering from hair loss. In this guide, we’ll provide our readers with an overview of how they should go about selecting the perfect hair topper to help cover areas of hair loss on their head.

Choosing The Right Hair Topper

blonde hairBuying the right hair topper is usually not as simple and straightforward process as with buying a wig. With a wig, not as much attention needs to be paid in order to ensure the hair blends in perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair, since the purpose of a wig is to cover the entire head. With a hair topper, however, it is essential to ensure the right hair topper is selected to ensure it is able to blend with the wearer’s natural hair.

When buying a hair topper, the very first step is to determine the type of hair topper that will be needed. For this, a person has to look at the severity of their hair loss. The more severe hair loss they are suffering from, the larger type of hair topper will be required to cover the area that has suffered loss. Additionally, a person also has to consider where exactly they are experiencing hair loss. Different types of hair toppers are available for covering hair loss on the side of the head and at the crown.

Additionally, other options also need to be looked at. There are different types of hair options offered to customers when it comes to the purchase of a hair topper. Customers can usually choose between hair toppers that are made from human hair or synthetic hair. Many brands also offer a synthetic hair options that can be treated with heat products, such as a hairdryer or a straightening iron. A customer will also be required to specify the length of the hair attached to the hair topper they require, as well as specify the particular color in which the hair should come.


Hair toppers offer an excellent alternative to wigs for individuals who have suffered partial hair loss. These hair pieces provide coverage for specific regions of the head, and allows a person to continue wearing their natural hair, with the parts that have suffered loss being fully covered up. Selecting one of the best hair toppers for a specific purpose can be a little complicated for first-time buyers. Here, we explained some important factors to take into account when selecting a hair topper to ensure you make the right choice.