Best Hair Serum in 2022

Attention to the People with rough hair, aren’t we all tired of hearing one question?

A very ignorant and somewhat feeble-minded query. “Didn’t you comb your hair today?”

Trust me; I get you because I was tired of this question. I mean, why would you ask me that when I took one entire hour to braid my hair?

Then, I would look at myself in the mirror and wonder: “Why didn’t they ask this question earlier?”

Honestly, the natural frizz and frequent straightening of my hair turned my already floating hair into “A Nest of Sparrows.”

Comb or no comb, it meant I would look untidy. And not the “I am Disney princess just woke up” kind of messy.

But more like, “I am a confused witch, and have you seen my sheep anywhere?”

Thus, my journey began, and I met several doctors. I became the youngest Google-certified hair scientist.

Kidding, but it’s something similar. So, what helped me look neat?

First, no direct shampooing. Dilute it in water first. Second, no towels for your head. I recommend using soft T-shirts.

I also recommend deep conditioning once a week or oiling.

And use regular Hair Serums. Now I used to think that a hair-serum is something costly and secretive. And only women with naturally fascinating hair can use them.

Take it from someone who uses it; pretty hair means they use serums and take regular care.
Now, you must wonder:

What Does a Serum Do to Your Hair?

Depending on the type of serum, it can help you style your hair or protect your hair from damage while you style it. Serums can:

  • Act as a Heat protectant
  • Damage repairs
  • Grant you silky-shiny looks
  • Used for hair management.
  • The type of serum depends on your specific hair needs, which may be different from mine.

    But if you are looking for a hair serum, I have few suggestions as a “Former Sparrow-Nest-Head.”, Here are a few of the products that I am familiar with, and I hope this helps you find your match:

    Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Blowout-PrimerSerum #700182

    ScentApple, Bergamot, Orange
    BrandPaul Mitchell
    Item FormLiquid
    Product BenefitsVegan, Paraben Free, and Gluten Free
    Hair TypeOily, Dry, Normal

    If your hair gets bushy when you blow-dry them, I suggest you start with this one. Apply this liquid to your wet hair before blow-drying.

    And poof!! This primer will give you a voluminous and silky look with the apple-orange smell. 

    Pro-tip: if you buy this one for the first time, maybe split it with your roomie.

    I did the same with my sister. Since she got straight hair and I got curly fries on my head, I am sure it’s okay to use it with curls and straight hair.

    This is compatible with all hair types, even if your hair is dry, oily, or normal. Besides, the product is mainly organic.

    BioSilk Silk Therapy Serum #BSST12

    Item FormRoots
    Hair TypeAll hair types,Dry
    Liquid Volume355 Milliliters

    If you are already experiencing damaged hair and want to fix that, try this one. Though okay for all skins and all hairs, I find this one more appropriate for dry skins.

    I don’t recommend using this one on wet hair. Apply this on dry hair.

    Of course, washed, dried hair and not the one that you will clean after. Also, make sure you apply only to those and not much on the scalp. Otherwise, if you have oily skin, you will feel greasy.

    How effective is this? Well, for me, within two weeks of using this, the roughness of hair was gone.

    Yes, the split ends got reduced too. It does not contain parabens, so the chemicals used are not harmful.

    Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum # K1033400

    ScentSleek & Shine
    Item FormSerum
    Product BenefitsFrizz Control
    Hair TypeFrizzy, Dry

    Use this one if you wake up with Medusa hair and want Ariana Grande’s ponytail. The product is relatively inexpensive, and if you are a regular Garnier user, this is your thing.

    Apply it uniformly on semi-dry hair to avoid frizz, and don’t rinse it out. Also, don’t use more than the prescribed quantity.
    After that, you are free to style your hair.

    I loved the green apple smell. Besides, it has no parabens or harmful chemicals.

    However, it is not a damage repair serum. If you have damaged hair, then first fix that issue, and then use this one for regular styling.

    Biotin Hair Growth Serum by Pureauty Naturals #861323000456

    BrandMeraz Pureauty Naturals
    Item formSerum

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a nourishing serum. If any of you is experiencing frizz and balding, try this one.

    Using it will not only reduce hair loss but also will increase hair growth. The nutritious ingredients include several vitamins balanced with biotin, which increases hair strength.

    I use this one during the fall season when my hair-fall also increases. But my sister found it far more effective.

    She was experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss, and this one lifted both her spirits and, yes, her hair from literal fall. It is for all hair types, and you can apply this on both wet and dry hair.

    However, I found it a bit expensive, but of course,e “Anything is worth the nice hair.”

    Giovanni Repairing Super Potion Hair Oil Serum with Blackberry & Coconut Milk #716237184856

    ScentBlackberry and Coconut Milk
    Hair TypeTextured
    Liquid Volume2.75 Fluid Ounces
    Item Dimensions LxWxH0.8 x 1.2 x 5.6 inches

    This is best for those who have damaged their hair with excessive use of hair color. I know you are wondering, have I used it?

    Well, because of my frizzy hair, I use all damage repair stuff. So yes, I used it even though it’s specially designed for color-enthusiasts.

    By the way, this one gave my hair creamy, silky feels. So, I think you can use this one as a general damage repair serum.

    However, I have recommended this one to a friend who loves dyeing her hair.
    Yes, unlike me, she damaged her hair intentionally with color.

    She says after using this serum, her hair luster is back, rough hair feels are gone, and hair seems thicker than before. Notably, the product is 100% organic and Vegan friendly.

    Since it contains coconut and blackberry, it’s not for you if you don’t like them. But who doesn’t?

    Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum Revitalizer # 00612

    BrandPURA D'OR
    ScentERROR: #N/A
    Item FormSerum
    Active IngredientsERROR: #N/A
    Material Type FreeSLS Free, Gluten Free, Chemical Free, Paraben Free

    It might sound weird, but this serum helped me overcome wilting and dying hair. So, this is for you if you are experiencing thinning of hair.

    The formula looks like some witchcraft sort, but it contains only natural extracts such as vitamins, DHT blockers, and stem cell products.

    I suggested it to my mom, and she found this one satisfactory. Also, since she is allergic to nearly all synthetic products, I say it is for all of you beauties who have sensitive skin.

    Just apply it on damp hair and scalp after washing. I recommend using it on alternate days and not every day.

    By the way, it smells like apples and peaches, so if you are into that, you will love this serum.

    OGX NourishingCoconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Hair Mist # 91647

    Item FormOil
    Hair TypeNormal
    Liquid Volume100 Fluid Ounces

    If you prefer only organic substances to rehydrate your hair, this is the nourishing hair serum for you. It’s lightweight, and so it does not stick to your hair in a greasy manner.

    It quickly gets absorbed in your hair and makes them look shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. Besides, there are no harmful chemicals like parabens.

    Since it does not contain sulfate-surfactants, therefore your hair protein will remain intact with your natural hair conformation.

    Err What? Well, simply put, curls will be neat curls, and straights will be flawless straights.

    It also acts as a heat protectant for ironing hair. But it may not be for you if you have incredibly oily skin.

    John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula with Silk Protein # 11765

    BrandJohn Frieda
    Item FormSerum
    Product BenefitsNourishing
    Hair TypeFrizzy
    Liquid Volume0.05 Fluid Ounces

    This is the perfect serum to start with if you have curly hair. It helped me overcome “The dusting-brush hair-look.”

    Being a multi-purpose serum, it acts as a heat-protectant, damage-repairer, hair softener, and styling formula.

    If you only want to style your hair then, it might not be a perfect choice. In that case, some hair moose will be a better option.

    Don’t use it more than the prescribed amount because then it will look like drooling noodles on your head. However, if used appropriately, this will give you “well-managed hair” looks.

    NutraM Melatonin Hair Regrowth Serum # B07NF9RMHD

    BrandAdvanced Trichology
    Item weight2 Ounces
    Item formDrop
    Is mould resistantGluten Free

    Use it to conserve your hair in its primal form. I didn’t use this serum personally because my main issue is “frizz gone extremely wrong.”. But one of my colleagues did.

    He was on the brink of baldness, and within three weeks, he bounced back with smooth, shiny hair.

    So, this is the nutrition serum for you if you are experiencing discoloration, thinning, and hair loss.
    The product works, and in case it doesn’t, they return your money.

    No loss there. Score!! The formula is a suspended liquid, so shake well before use. Apply about 1-2 ml daily on the scalp.

    Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair-Growth Serum # 860001226423

    Item Weight6.74 Ounces
    Item FormOil,Serum
    Active IngredientsBiotin

    Have you ever wondered, “Am I stressed because of hair loss, or Do I lose hair because of stress?”

    Then this is the serum for you. Besides, if only hair loss is your problem, then it may just be a follicular issue.

    I used this one in the rainy season because I was going through extreme hair shedding.

    Within one month, my hair-fall was minimized. Apply by gently massaging this on your scalp twice a day, and within three months, you will be feeling less stressed.

    However, it is not your thing if you don’t like the peppermint smell. In my case, my cat doesn’t like this smell. So, I didn’t try this one again. But it was quite effective.

    Kerastase, Discipline Huile Oleo Relax Oil # E3073100

    Item FormOil
    Product BenefitsShining, Frizz Control
    Hair TypeFrizzy

    The frizz freak was sad, so She decided to use this serum on her towel-dried hair.

    She started to look like a normal human instead of a lost ape. Now, Frizz freak is happy. I am the frizz freak. Frizz freak was me. You get the gist of it.

    So, I suggest using this one if people randomly stare at your frizzy hairline more than your face.

    Since I had a crown of curly hair, I have used this serum more than other serums.

    This serum is a kind of home-based keratin treatment, so even if you do not have frizz, it will give your hair luster and softness.

    Furthermore, if you like perming, then this will give your curls a silky feel.

    Head & Shoulders Supreme Hydrating Scalp Serum # 037000538462

    BrandHead & Shoulders
    Hair TypeDry
    Liquid Volume1.3 Fluid Ounces
    Item Weight0.1 Pounds

    This is a hydrating serum so, if you feel like your hair is looking dead and dry, use this one. Since it is purely organic, it does not cause any allergy.

    I highly recommend this one for regular head & shoulders users. However, it worked fine for someone like me, who changes her shampoo every three months.

    I used this after returning from a road trip. Yeah, I know it sounds fun, but not for my hair.

    The dust and scorching sunshine took away the luster and healthy look out of my hair. Of course, I thought managing frizz was the end of my hair issues. Naïve me. This one revived my hair.

    Oribe Gel Serum # 811913018408

    Item FormSerum
    Product BenefitsGel for flexible hold. Sérum for moisture and natural luster. Heat-styling protection.
    Hair TypeNormal
    Liquid Volume5 Fluid Ounces

    If you are the lucky girl, who doesn’t have much frizz but wants to style her curls, this is the hair product for you.

    The product doesn’t stick to your head and will give a neat voluminous look. Nobody will think you are “a greasy girl with no regard for personal hygiene.” Do you think I am kidding? I am not.

    I once used a gel product to make myself look tidy, and guess what my best friend asked?

    “Did you not wash your hair?” To which I replied: “What is wrong with you, Emma!!” To be fair, though, they did look greasy. That aside, this gel is made from natural products, so it’s not harmful at all.

    Biolage Smooth-proof Serum # 884486151957

    Hair typeHair Serum
    Liquid volume3 Fluid Ounces

    It is more of a damage repair serum, and it helped me heal my already damaged hair.

    This is for you if you want to change from frizzy-Nerd to smooth-hair goddess. It is paraben-free, doesn’t stick to hair, gives smooth feels, protects hair from extreme environments, and reduces frizz.

    What more do you need, girl?

    Since it is a dry oil, it won’t get greasy. This is especially good if you live around the coast and have problems with moisture frizz.

    At first, I found this one a bit expensive, but this one suited me so well that I use it regularly. However, if styling is your only purpose, then maybe use a different product.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Does Hair Serum Work?

    Yes. But it would be best if you used the serum for your specific needs. Don’t try to use a nourishing serum for mere styling, and don’t assume that a hydrating serum will reduce your frizz.

    Look at your hair, decide what you want, and use the serum specifically for your skin type. A hydrating serum in moist environments might cause you even more hair-fall.

    Can I Use Hair Serum Daily?

    Yes. And No. Anything out of the recommended amount of a given serum is not okay. Do not over-apply a frizz reduction serum.

    It might over-soften your hair. Overdose of styling serums might give you a greasy look.

    Use alternate serums according to your hair, the seasons, and the needs of your environment.

    For instance, I use hydrating serums in dry seasons. I use frizz reduction serums every other week.

    But I never use two different serums on the same day. You can use serums daily, but it depends on the specific serum and your needs.

    Bottom Line 

    I hope this helped you find the answers that you were looking for. I highly recommend hair serums because they helped me manage my hair.

    However, whether you use a hair serum or not, it is crucial that you are satisfied with the way your hair looks. 

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