Best Hair Growth Serum

Who wants pretty dense and lustrous hair? Raise your hands! Okay! I got your back.

Not a very long time ago, I was also among all of you. But now I stand out because of my voluminous and shinier hair! Do you want to know the secret?

Hair serum! Yes, I started using hair growth serum, and I witnessed it doing wonders.

It is like a small vial containing some magic potion that will change your appearance, or speaking more precisely, your hair.

Whether you have a genetic hair problem or have done something really bad to your hair accidentally, hair serum is the solution.

Hair serums are manufactured on the belief that healthier hair is the result of proper nourishment.

Hair serums are like healthy food for your hair. If you want your hair to grow and look pretty, you need to select the right food for it.

Below I have mentioned my top 5 picks of hair growth serums hoping that you will find the one that suits your hair.

Biotin Hair Growth Serum

BrandMeraz Pureauty Naturals
Item formSerum

The first product that I would love to feature in this article is Biotin hair growth serum, which provides your hair with the necessary nutrition and sustenance that they want.

It can help you gain the dense and lustrous hair that you have been longing for.

The three basic ingredients of this serum are biotin, Pisum Sativum pea sprout extract, and pro-vitamin B5. These powerful ingredients are enough to provide desired results.

These premium constituents are hand-selected. Biotin and pro-vitamin B5 nourish your hair follicles, strengthen their roots, and promote healthy hair.

The third component helps in moisturizing your hair and provides a healthy texture to your hair.

Half baldness or mild baldness is quite an underrated issue. Biotin addresses this ignored issue with required stress.

Their serum can help you grow healthy hair by stimulating hair roots. It also strengthens your hair. If you face the hair fall problem very often, this might be the hair serum you are looking for.

You can use this USA-manufactured serum daily to get desired results.

NutraM Hair Re-growth Serum

BrandAdvanced Trichology
Item Weight2 Ounces
Item FormSerum
Active IngredientsMelatonin

As the name suggests, the serum is natural. It is organically manufactured to trace and solve the root cause of hair loss in males and females.

It is equally helpful for the women who are losing hair because of PCOS or birth control pills and men facing hair loss on the top scalp (the typical pattern of hair loss in men).

It fights the root cause of hair loss. It blocks DHT at the roots of the hair without causing any harm to your hair. Along with DHT blockers, the serum also includes healing herbs that encourage healthy hair growth.

Furthermore, it also checks scalp inflammation that is a usual problem faced by many men and women.

It is claimed that the preparation of this formula took over two years. As mentioned, it is made from natural ingredients so that you can use it even twice a day, and it will cause no harm to your hair.

This serum is best for you if your main purpose is to improve hair growth and decrease hair loss due to stress and genetics.

Tricho Labs: Folliboost Hair Growth Serum

Item Weight6.74 Ounces
Item FormOil,Serum
Active IngredientsBiotin

USA-based Tricho Labs is quite famous for its premium hair products for women.

Their hair growth serum is a great example of their top-quality products that have been blessing the market for years. The perfect solution for your hair fall problems!

This Folliboost hair growth serum is made from natural ingredients, has a non-greasy feel (that many women wish for), and a soothing peppermint scent.

It helps in stimulating hair follicles and supports the nourishment and production of thick hair.

The serum helps you solve the problem by getting to the root, the root of the problem, and the root of your hairs. It directly stimulates the hair follicles, as the name suggests, “Folliboost.”
Again and Baicapil are the basic ingredients of this hair serum. These ingredients are considered to be the magic potions of the hair industry.

Along with these magical constituents, this serum also includes biotin, vitamin B5, and L-Arginine. |

When combined, all these products can show flabbergasting results. You can use this hair serum daily, and it can be used for all hair types easily. Results can be observed in 1 to 3 months.

GENIUS Hair Growth Oil

Item FormOil
Material Type FreeSulfate Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free
Age Range (Description)Adult
Recommended Uses For ProductHair Growth

If you want to grow your hair smartly, you can go for this hair serum. Genius hair growth serum helps you grow your hair naturally by activating the germination process at the roots of your hair follicles.

Have you ever wondered why your hair stops growing? This is because the germ tissues on the scalp at the base of hair follicles become dormant.

This hair serum helps you activate these dormant germ cells. It promotes rapid hair growth by nourishing your hair with the unique ingredients (namely biotin, vitamin B7, and organic extracts) present in it.

Organic extracts and active nutrients are the secrets of this hair serum that make it preferred among users.

Your thin hair will be strengthened and you will enjoy dense and voluminous hair. Also, it makes your hair shinier and prevents them from frequent breakage.

The serum oil is very gentle on your hair and shows amazing results.

This natural and functional hair growth serum is free from any chemicals and provides desired results.

Wild Growth Hair Oil 

BrandWild Growth
ScentClean Scent
Item Weight3.2 Ounces
Item FormOil
Active IngredientsCocoa (Butter),

Wild growth hair oil is pretty famous among shoppers, and it works wonders. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it can effortlessly condition and soften your hair.

The manufacturers of this product know that the health of your hair lies in the health of your scalp. It soothes the scalp and reduces its inflammation.

It detangles and strengthens your hair and also gives them a shiny look. It contains essential oils, including coconut oil and olive oil, cocoa butter coat, and a high antioxidant level.

The reviews for this oil on Amazon are amazing, and they are enough to tell you about its functionality.

If you are upset that your hair is shedding or your scalp health is not good, you can use this Wild Growth hair oil for desired results. It will boost your hair growth along with your scalp health.

Did I mention its price? I know I haven’t mentioned the price in any of the above products, but the price is worth mentioning in the case of this product.

You can get this wonder hair serum for only $10. Isn’t it unbelievable? It sounds like “Solve all your hair problems in just $10”. If this won’t attract you to buy this, I don’t know what else would!


Which serum is best for hair growth?

Biotin hair growth serum is the best serum for this purpose, for both men and women.

Do hair growth serums actually work?

These potions contain ingredients that stimulate follicles in multiple ways. It causes your follicles to produce thicker and shinier hair.

Does hair serum make your hair grow?

Yes! Hair serum works on your follicles to help them grow shinier, thicker, and healthier hair.


Though all serums are made for hair growth and nourishment, each of them features some specifications. Few are made for genetic hair problems and some focus on scalp sustenance.

Among all these types, you should select the one that suits best to your hair type.
Hope you find a healthy dinner for your hair!

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