Best Affordable Hair Dryer For You in 2024

I have come to realize that everything you own should be tailor-made to your needs.

Therefore, giving everyone the same hair solution for different hair problems seems an injustice to my profession.

Now, most of you would assume I am talking about hair serums and medications. Or maybe what haircut would suit your face. But as a hairstylist, that’s not just it.

In my experience, a frizzy hair problem may be reduced by up to 80% by just changing your regular hairdryer to an ionic hairdryer.

Also, curling straight hair may become far more manageable if you only use a ceramic hairdryer. Besides, a single cool shot after hairstyling may retain your hairdo for longer times.

A suitable hairdryer may lessen your hair serum needs and help you look tidy without even trying.

So, if you are looking for a personalized hair dryer, here is a list of affordable hairdryers that I have personally used and found suitable:

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Hair TypeFrizzy
Item Dimensions LxWxH4 x 11.88 x 9.38 inches

Remington straighteners and curling rods are among the most apparent hair appliances.

Their hairdryer is no different. Costing under 20 dollars, this hairdryer incorporates ceramic, ionic, and even tourmaline technologies.

The ionic technology shoots ions into your hair and makes a thin coating of the water on each strand. Meanwhile, the excess moisture gets evaporated.
Since ceramic hairdryers only throw infrared rays, therefore, your hair won’t suffer heat damage.

Furthermore, the tourmaline technology neutralizes the ionized hair. The tourmaline helps balance both ionic and ceramic technologies.

I found this hairdryer quite capable as it smoothens the hair. And so, the hair becomes easy to untangle. As it locks the moisture, therefore, the fussy hair gets moderately moisturized.
So, if you are a woman with frizzy hair, this hairdryer is for you. I must add, it also comes with a professional concentrator and diffuser.

However, this one incorporates an 1875 Watt technology, so if that’s not your thing, you may end up damaging the hairdryer.

Though, You can quickly resolve that issue if you only add a regular adapter.

Revlon Infrared Heat Hair Dryer # B07GZWQDPR

Hair TypeFrizzy
Special FeatureNot-Applicable

If you like noiseless and fast-drying but often struggle with dead-looking hair, this is the dryer for you. It costs under 25 dollars and uses only ceramic technology.

That means it will throw infrared heat, which is low-energy heatwaves. And so, the moisture won’t be evaporated at once, giving you smooth drying.
Moreover, the low heat will ensure that your hair doesn’t get heat damaged. The shine is an added advantage. So, it may look more like reviving the withered hair.

I found this hairdryer particularly good for neat-looking braids and sleek buns. I have used this one for both straight and curly hair women.
Also, if you like adding a splash of color to your head, this hair dryer may be compatible with your needs. Why? Well, cause low heat will cause minimum fading of hair dye.

However, it’s an 1875-watt machine. So you may have to add an adapter alongside.

Conair Pro Hair Dryer

Hair TypeAll
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.63 x 9.25 x 10.27 inches

The cost for this one ranges from 18-30 dollars. It incorporates ionic drying as well as and tourmaline technology.

It throws negative ions in your hair. Positively charged water ions then neutralize these negative ions. So, water gets locked to your hair strands.
Furthermore, tourmaline allows the ions to get neutralized faster. Thus, It’s best if you are someone with frizz.

The dryer will enable you to control both heat and speed settings. I have used this to give a shiny look to curly dry hair.
Maybe that’s why my customers think I add magic to their hair. Instead, it’s just me using customized products on their hair.

This hair dryer is perfect in rainy seasons when excess moisture gets stuck to the hair.
However, it won’t work on 240 volts, so you may have to add a converter.

Conair Infiniti pro Hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll
Special FeatureUnscented

If you want an AC-motor 240-volt hair dryer, get this one. It uses ionic drying with ceramic technology so, your frizzy hair will look fine and smooth.

The diffuser will help you get the bouncy curls, and the concentrator will allow your hair to dry faster.

I appreciate its muffled sound and scentless processing. I mean, how often do you get a hairdryer without any characteristic smell. Also, the cord is at least 5 feet long, so I have nothing to complain about.

I would call it something of an ionic conditioning machine. I use it on frizzy hair whenever I cannot decide which hairdryer to use. Besides, this one costs around 25 dollars, and I say it’s worth every single penny.

Its airflow is relatively strong compared to other hairdryers. So, it’s best for blow-drying. But if you are into dead-straights, maybe some different dryers will suit you more.

BaBylissPRO Hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll
Special FeatureNo side effects
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.5 x 2.5 x 8.9 inches

This hair dryer is a foldable one and weighs only a single pound. So, it’s pretty easy to carry alongside, and therefore, I take this dryer whenever I travel for work.

Now, I wouldn’t say that other hairdryers make your hair look like rubber noodles. However, this one gives a smooth, natural shiny look. Something you do need when you travel around.

It’s because this combines tourmaline and titanium hair drying. The tourmaline gives neutral hair drying, while titanium technology ensures that your hair dries evenly.

The uniform heating makes sure that all your hair gets the same amount of moisture, and so, even your frizz will look symmetrical.

This one costs around 35 dollars but dries hair within a few moments.

Though, if you don’t travel much, maybe some other dryer suits you better. Besides, it’s a 1000-watt dryer, so that you may need some adapter.

Conair Vegabond Compact Hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll
Item Dimensions LxWxH3 x 4.25 x 7.63 inches

If voltage adapters are not your thing, I present to you another travel hairdryer. This one works fine with all kinds of voltage and is also foldable.

The product weighs only about one pound, so that you can carry it along even while hiking.

Besides, it costs only around 15 dollars. The settings are designed for hair styling. You can dry your hair and style. But then you can use a single cool shot to make your hairstyle last longer.

The dryer has settings for both thin and thick hair looks, so depending on your hair health, you can choose the heat and speed of drying. The hairdryer works faster than most travel hairdryers. 

However, I don’t use this on my customers and certainly not for sleek buns. But, I do take it around with me on my vacations.

Conair Turbo Hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll
Item Dimensions LxWxH12 x 4 x 9 inches
Number of Speeds2

If you are into sleek buns and smooth straights, this is the hairdryer for you. This one costs only around 20 dollars, but the precision it gives makes it truly worth the money.

The dryer employs ionic heating technology to condition your hair. The hair becomes easy to disentangle. So, styling the hair becomes trouble-free. 

This dryer also has speed and heat settings, but these depend on what you are aiming for. 

It also comes with a diffuser and concentrator. However, if you are buying this, make sure to use the diffuser only at low heat settings.

It’s because the hairdryer is made so well that the diffuser may not be able to contain the high heat it throws.

But, this is an 1875-watt hair dryer, so you may need an adapter if that’s not your thing.

Hot Tools Signature Series Hairdryer,

Hair TypeAll
ColorBlack; Gold
Special FeatureTurbo Professional Hair Dryer

This one costs around 50 bucks; however, it’s a must-have if you are a professional hairdresser. 

The dryer incorporates ionic drying with ceramic technology. So, the drying will lock moisture to the hair, making them look conditioned.

Furthermore, ceramic technology will only throw low-heat energy waves. Therefore, it won’t damage the keratin protein of your hair.

The dryer is designed to accommodate professional needs so, there are at least six different heat and speed options. Furthermore, it has a cool shot button.

So, once you are done styling, you can throw a cool breeze to retain your hairdo for more extended periods.

It also comes with a concentrator and diffuser, so technically this dryer is for all kinds of hair. That said, you will have to learn the settings best suited for your hair type.

Revlon Frizz Control Travel Hairdryer 

Hair TypeFrizzy
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.65 x 5.4 x 9.15 inches
Number of Speeds2

Though, most travel hair dryers are not specific for a hair type. But if you are worried about your excessive frizz, I would never recommend you to use a general hairdryer. Not even for a single-day journey.

So, if you have frizzy hair but want to travel with well-styled hair, this is the hairdryer for you. It has two heating modes, but both are designed for frizzy curls. 

The dryer is foldable and weighs even less than a pound. Furthermore, it costs only around 16 dollars, so it’s pretty inexpensive. 

However, it is only available in pink color, so if you are a guy you may be sensitive about it.

Though, I don’t see how color should affect your choice of a hairdryer.

Conair Cord Keeper Hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll, Wavy, Curly
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.13 x 10.13 x 10.13 inches

Costing merely 30 dollars, this hair dryer combines tourmaline and ceramic technology with ionic drying.

So, the dryer will affix moisture to your hair strands, and tourmaline will allow your hair to dry faster. Furthermore, ceramic hair drying will ensure your hair suffers no heat damage.

Therefore, the hair drying will give a creamy soft feel to your hair. Also, the frizz will be lessened, and your hair will not tangle much.

You may have to figure out the settings that work best for you. But, I recommend using low-heat settings as they will not damage your hair in any way.

This is one of the dryers I use for frizzy straight hair or people with baby hair. It gives sleek buns to straight hair people and bouncy curls to wavy hair people. 

So more like, it will accentuate your natural hair texture. However, this too is an 1875-watt hairdryer; you may need an adapter.

Revlon Styling Hatchet Hairdryer

Hair TypeFrizzy
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.2 x 2.9 x 7.5 inches

If voltage adapters are a nuisance to you, then this hair dryer may be suitable for your needs. It is adaptable to all sorts of voltages.

Though it is an ionic technology hairdryer, you can also use it as a regular hairdryer.

Its most prominent feature is its specified accessories for detangling, smoothening, and styling purposes. If you are wondering which accessory should I use?

Then, it depends entirely on you and your hair needs. I being a hairstylist, use all three.

That aside, this hairdryer also gives three kinds of heat settings. Also, the design is ergonomic, and I am pretty sure you will appreciate its low weight.

It costs only around 25 dollars and is suitable for women with frizzy hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano-Titanium Bambino hairdryer 

Hair TypeAll
Special FeatureNo side effects

If you are going for Rachel's green bouncy curls, this is the hairdryer for you. If you have high or low lights, that’s even better.

The hairdryer is designed for all those wanting fluffy hair. If you use a pint of dry shampoo over your lightly-moist hair and then use this hairdryer.

Then, You are bound to look good.
Since it is infused with titanium technology, the heat will evenly spread through your hair, making them look neat and still frothy.

It costs around 30 dollars, and it’s worth the money.
Even though it’s a 1000-watt compact hairdryer, however, it has an innate adapter.

So you can take it anywhere around the globe without worrying about the adapters and voltages.
It also comes with a concentrator to give its already steady stream extra pressure.


1. What is a good inexpensive hairdryer?

Well, any hairdryer costing under 30 dollars is inexpensive. However, your hairdryer is only as good as your hair feels.

That means what may be a good hairdryer for my hair may not be as good for you. So, an excellent inexpensive hairdryer is what suits your hair the best.

2. How much should I spend on a hairdryer?

You should spend 30-35 dollars on a hairdryer but never more than 100 bucks. Now, a lot of you may think the more expensive hairdryers are better for your hair.

However, the added cost is mostly just for the added adapters or extra heat settings. A $50 hairdryer should do you fine, even if you are a professional hairdryer.

3. Which hair dryer is the best for home use?

Again, this depends on your hair type. But, if you are unsure as to what you should get, I recommend you get Hot tools Signature hairdryer.

It’s because it can work for nearly all kinds of hair. However, I still recommend that you look for something specific to your hair.


I hope this helped you get the hairdryer you need. But make sure whatever you buy fits your hair profile. It is because I understand how frizz can devastate a woman.

And so, I wish all your straights turn sleek and all your curls turn extra bouncy.

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