Best 12-inch Hair Extensions

Do beauty and elegance starts from hair, right ladies? We all love the feeling of having long voluminous hair, but some of us don't have that.

Well, it has become easier than ever to add instant length and volume to your hair by attaching some artificial hair integrations to your head and slay every event.

These extensions vary in texture, size, and installation type. You can go for them according to your preference. Clip-in extensions are the most stress-free extensions.

There is no mess in wearing and removing them. They don't ruin your natural hair, are comfortable to wear, so they have our vote.

According to research, the US exported human hair worth 945000 dollars in 2019.

This means the market is flooded with various hair extension brands, why not spend your money on the best in business? 

We are here to give you insight into top-tier brands of hair extensions, so you can understand which one is best for you.

Winsky Clip-in Hair Extension

ColorDark Brown #2
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeOily, Dry, Normal

Don't we all love to transform our hair instantly whenever we are running late for a meeting or event? Yes, We do. So leave it all on Winsky to do that for you. 

These extensions come with four wefts and you can quickly attach them. 

No matter if you want ash brown, jet black, natural black, bleach, or dirty blonde, Winsky has everything in store for you. These clip-ins are very lightweight and blend perfectly with your original hair. 

They make these with complete human hair that means you can play with hairstyles, wash, straighten, blow-dry, or curl them without the fear of getting them damaged.

The texture is soft and silky. You can't help but run your fingers through them.

A major advantage of wearing real hair extensions is that they look pretty natural, and you don’t have to worry about people assuming that you are wearing fake hair.

Reecho Multi-length Thick clip-in Hair Extension

ColorBlack Brown - Straight
MaterialSynthetic Fiber
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Reecho has been in the business for a while, and it has garnered rave reviews and feedback from clients.

Reecho synthetic material integrations are washable and heat-friendly. These extensions come in multiple shades; even ombre options are available.

How great is that?
They are pretty straightforward and comfortable to wear, unsnap, style and comb. You can get these in wavy, straight, or curly forms.

These extensions are super thick and give the perfect amount of volume. Most extensions require comb-out multiple times a day, but that won’t be the case with Reecho, as they don’t get tangled quickly.

Their outstanding quality is why they remain in good condition easily for 2-5 months. Another admirable thing about them is their attention to detail factors.

You will see lace attached to the clip area, and the packaging is commendable too.

Although these extensions are easy to style, you may find them a little hard to turn into big tight curls.

Rosebud clip-in Hair Extension

Color2# Dark Brown
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeCurly, Straight
BrandRose bud

These extensions are created with 100% human hair that means you can style them exactly as you want. Turn them into a ponytail, or enjoy some curls, whatever you like.

An advantage of these REMY human extensions is that they can easily mix with your original hair, sit naturally, and are durable. Unlike most extensions, they do not contain any chemical-related odor.

After a long day when you don't feel like removing your makeup, at least these extensions can give you this ease.

You can take them off easily with your fingers in no time.

One of the best things about them is that customers can email them to see the extension's pictures taken in broad daylight.

The official images may look different in real, so you can do that to avoid any inconvenience.

These extensions are a voluminous gift, but they are a bit thin from the ends.

Moresoo Hair Extension

Color#60 Platinum Blonde
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeSilky, Remy Hair, No Tangle, Thick, Straight

Brazilian hair has always been a dream for everyone due to its thickness, texture, durability, and guess what? Moresoo has made these extensions from Brazilian Remy human hair.

Isn't it exciting for Brazilian hair enthusiasts? It is your time to flex this long luscious hair at parties and fulfill your dreams.

Moresoo works hard to deliver quality results as they sew these locks with keratin gel that enhances the quality and prevents damage. Their extension tapes are invisible and waterproof.

This hair does not get tangled easily, and you won’t have to pull your comb every 30 minutes to re-adjust your hair.

They appear pretty bouncy, and the texture is silky and shiny, as it is one of many characteristics of Brazilian hair. But, you may experience a change in texture after the first wash.

You can treat them like your own hair as they are very convenient to style as you want.

Have fun experiments doing hairstyles and hair dye. But it would be better to seek the assistance of a professional or do a patch test. 

Full Shine Seamless Hair Extension

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

What would be your reaction if your extensions suddenly decide to ditch you and fall off your head at a meet-up? You would be mortified.

Well, Don’t worry about that because Full Shine’s clips are super secure and attach perfectly with a tight grip.

Moreover, if you are looking for something budget-friendly yet nice, Full shine extensions are perfect for you. These extensions are very affordable and have a smooth texture.

The installation process is swift and easy maintenance.
Its clips are invisible, and the weft edge is thinner than usual clip-ins, which is such a plus point for ladies with thin hair.

You can check out their range, as they provide different lengths and 60+ shades which is impeccable.

These integrations are not likely to change quality and texture after washing them. They are comfortable to wear, versatile to style, lightweight, and easy to remove.

You may expect slight shedding after the first use, not too much.

Sassina African American Hair Extension

ColorNatural Black
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeOily, Curly, Kinky

Sassina is a well-reputed brand that produces natural hair extensions. They are dedicated to improving and outgrowing themselves every single day.

Their extensions are curly and kinky. It is a common misconception that kinky or afro hair integrations are rough in texture which is not the case as these are soft and smooth.

They come in natural color, but you can dye or bleach them all you want. They are durable and can stay in decent condition for 2-3 months.

Since they are human hair, they look incredibly natural, and trust us; no one would figure out that you are wearing extensions.

We like when a company invests some time in packaging and stuff, and Sassina has done that. It comes with gorgeous packaging, lashes, and two additional clips of curly locks.

So go for them if you are in the mood for some hair glam, voluminous curls, and a playful vibe.

You need to be careful about spray's use and excessive heat on them, as these extensions get damaged because of them.

Fshine Real Human Hair Halo Extensions

ColorDarkest Brown #2
Installation TypeHalo
Hair TypeStraight

It is another brand that comes with affordable rates. You can use their extensions if you find it absurd to spend a crazy amount of money on these products.

They add a decent volume to the hair and still feel light on the head.

These halo extensions are relatively new in the market. They come with two removable clips and seamless wire.

These extensions also come with three different sizes of wires, and you can use whatever fits your head size perfectly. You may find these extensions a bit stretchy, though.

These extensions don't have thin ends like most extensions. Instead, they are equally thick from the bottom. They can mix like a dream with your natural hair. You can re-style and reuse them.

Note that even though you can use heat for straightening or curling purposes, these extensions might not be very heat-friendly, so be careful about that.

Full Shine Hidden Halo Crown Human Hair

These extensions are available in more than 25 colors and six different lengths. You can easily find your true match. They are made with human hair and have removable clips.

Get ready to enjoy a natural and bouncy feel. These extensions will mix perfectly with your hair because of their realistic texture.

We wouldn't suggest you wash these extensions every day. You can't bleach these extensions, but the dye is all right.
They are equally thick, so expect no thin hair from the bottom and split ends.

It is also advised to order two different packs of sizes, especially if your hair is short.

These halo extensions are even easier to put on than clip-ins. You might feel like the width of these extensions is too much, which is not helpful for people with small-medium-sized heads.

Overall, they are super adjustable, easy to install, and make hairstyles. Honestly? Feels like worth the money.


What is the minimum length required for hair extensions?

Ideally, your hair should be at least 3-4 inches long for hair extensions to sit comfortably and blend well with your natural hair.

But if you have super short hair, you can get U-tip or keratin hair extensions, and they require at least 2-inches long hair. 

What size hair extensions should I get?

If you have medium-long size hair, you are suggested to measure your exact hair length with a ruler.

You can get the same length extensions if your purpose is to add more volume. But if you like to curl your locks and have fun with hairstyles, go for extensions that are almost 4 inches longer than your actual hair.

On the other hand, if you have super short hair, you can get extensions as long as you want.

What hair extensions are the longest?

Generally, we have seen the longest clip-ins that are around 30 inches. You can opt for 38-40 inch long Brazilian wefts if you are a tall lady and love to flaunt long locks.

How to take care of your extensions?

You can keep most of REMY human hair extensions for a long time if you take good care of them, don't wash them daily, and uninstall them gently.

After wearing them 2-3 times, consider washing in lukewarm water. Add just a slight amount of hair-conditioner or shampoo.
Don't brush aggressively, and try a patch test before dying them.


No matter what brand you choose, do your active research about the product beforehand.

Some extensions shed heavily and get extremely hard to detangle. It is not cool to waste your hard-earned money.

Clip-ins and halo extensions are also easy to style and maintain, and you do not have to invest an extra amount of time just to attach them to your head.

They are secure, and the new brands are coming with transparent and invisible wires, bringing more efficiency and novelty.

Before buying, you can approach the company to send you the pictures taken in sunlight to figure if they are truly complimenting your roots.

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