9 Must-Have Clip-In Colored Hair Extensions to Add to Your Collection

What is worse than having dry and brittle hair? Hair that doesn't have volume!

When it comes to solving damaged hair, there are many treatments available in shampoos and serums. The thing about those hair products is that they take some time to show their magic.

If you are on the run and an important event is coming up, then you cannot wait for weeks so that the magic can happen.

In such a scenario, you need an instant solution so you can cover up any possible bald patches or add volume to your hair.

Because, hey! You do not want to show up with the “I-just-woke-up-look” at your sister's wedding ceremony!

The options for hair extensions available in the market nowadays are numerous, and the best thing about them is that you cannot even tell that you have something extra in your hair!

When you are out there looking for hair extensions, choose the lightweight ones! Because the bulkier they are, the more noticeable they will get.
There is nothing worse than your hair extensions falling out when you jump in the pool to look hot when your crush is watching.
I bring you the best lightweight nine hair extension options to choose from for your next event!

Moresoo 20Inch Keratin

Cute extensions never hurt anyone! In fact, it will help you to achieve the look you have been craving.

The brand Moresoo brings you hair extensions that are made of pure human hair! When it comes to colors, there are lots of options available.

It will give you an all-natural look, and you will find the right one for you easily on the list.

The best thing about these colored hair extensions is that they are:

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for parties and casual events
  • It does not harm your hair
  • Washable with a good quality shampoo
  • Heat-resistant, and you can style it
  • There is one thing you will have to keep in your mind, though. Do not wear these hair extensions while you are sleeping because they will tangle it all up!

    Xmomx Clip in Hair Extensions 

    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeStraight

    Just because you need a pop of color HERE and THERE in your HAIR, it does not mean that you have to go and purchase hair dye.

    These 12 colored hair extensions will not look fake and give you a natural look. If you have similar hair color, then that is even better.
    No worries if you don’t have dyed hair, though. The texture of the extension is smooth and silky.

    It will blend in quickly even if you have natural hair color and never dyed your hair! It is super easy to use them.
    All you have to do is to clip them on, slide the open comb part, and you are good to go!

    YaFex Colourful Clip in Hair Extensions 

    ColorA Rainbow
    MaterialSynthetic fabric
    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeStraight

    If you need something that will provide you an instant highlight without any chemical treatment, then these will be the right extensions for you.

    It is because they are effortless to apply, and you will not have to struggle for hours to have a seamless look in your hair. It will arrive with a clip, and you can easily snap it into your hair.

    The best part is that these extensions are heat resistant and are made of synthetic fiber material.

    If you want to have soft and smooth curls, then you can achieve them with these colored hair extensions in purple and sapphire blue.

    DevaLook Clip in Hair Extensions 

    Color20"-Medium brown to honey blonde
    MaterialSynthetic fiber
    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeWavy, Curly, Straight
    BrandDevaLook Hair Extensions

    The truth is, I never understood the French obsession with ombre hair.

    Until one day, I became an ombre woman. Since purple highlights suit me the most, I went for dark browns to purple gradient hair extensions in curls.

    This extension is perfect for you if you are an ombre woman with curly hair. The material is synthetic, but the hair feels completely natural.

    A single pack contains two bundles to give volume to your hair. However, I bought two packs to give a bouncier and healthier hair look.

    Since the wefts in hair bundles are so tightly bound, therefore hair loss is negligible. I bought my extension some five years ago, and it’s still with me.

    The hair does not tangle with natural hair, and the clips don’t damage the natural curls.
    However, it is available only in 20-inch length, so if you are a woman with a shorter cut, you might not be able to flaunt your hair as much.

    LiaSun Highlight Clip in Hair Extensions 

    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeStraight
    These multicolor party highlight-given extensions are available in a wide range of colors. These are the right extensions for people who love to play with color and experiment with different hair dyes. Many people often have trouble finding the right color hair extensions according to their hair dye, which should not be a problem anymore.
    The heat-resisting fiber hair extension clips will last you a long time, and the best part is that they are easy to design and adjust to any type of hairstyle. There is no need for you to adapt your hairstyles according to the hair extensions because now you can make the hairstyle you love!

    Fairy Color Hair Clip Extensions

    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeStraight

    These are the right hair extensions for the pink lovers out there. The hair extension style is straight, but the good news for you is that they are heat resistant, and you can use heat on them without any worries.

    If you plan to curl your hair extensions for your next event, you can do this because imported high-quality synthetic fiber has been used.
    The dimension of these pink hair extensions is 20 inches long, and you can even cut it according to your requirement.

    You can watch it like natural hair by using a good quality shampoo, and they look natural and shiny!

    Ugeat Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions 

    Installation TypeTape-In
    Hair TypeThick

    These are the appropriate hair extensions for you if you are tired of finding the right hair extensions in the correct size.

    These hair extensions are straight, and the best part is that they are made of natural human hair, and you can wash them.

    You can cut and style them just like you would do to your regular hair when you have to go to a special occasion or a party.

    Ten pieces will arrive in one pack, and they should be enough to last you a long time!

    These extensions are tape-ins with seamstress wefts, so all you have to do is lift a part of your hair, slide in the hair extension, and tape it in.

    The tape doesn’t lose its stickiness for about three months, after which you can replace the tape. I bought the 24-inches one, but they do have these in 12 to 28 inches.

    Xmomx Clip in Hair Extensions 

    Installation TypeClip-In
    Hair TypeStraight

    Who said that only natural hair colors are fun and you can only play with them?

    Some people like to experiment around with tones and textures that are not natural and blend them in with their natural. For those looking for a short adventure, these are perfect.
    The hair is synthetic and yet feels natural. Also, it doesn’t tangle when wet and is easy to clip in.

    All you got to do is grab a section of your hair and pop in the clip. There are 12 pieces a pack, and each piece is 22-inch long and 1.2-inch wide, so it perfectly blends in with natural hair.

    Also, since there is one clip per 1 bundle strand, you can put as many as 12 or as little as a single hairpiece to look trendy. You can even braid these, and they will not look out of place.

    XingXing Hair Extensions Clip 

    With these colored hair extensions, there are 36 options that you can choose from for getting the perfect streaks and hairpieces.

    The dimension of these hair extensions is 22 inches long and 1.3 inches wide, and the best part is that they are incredibly lightweight.

    If you are tired of heavy hair extensions that look like too much, you should get your hands on this one because they only weigh around 7 grams! Sounds like a dream, right?

    It is suggested not to wear these while swimming was sleeping because it can damage your hair.

    Other than that, you can flaunt this clip in hair extensions on all special occasions and casual hangouts!


    How do you apply for clip-in color hair extensions?

    It is very easy to do so. You just have to snap in the clip, and you are good to go.

    Most hair extensions come with extra instructions according to the type of hair extensions.

    Can an extension be done on dyed hair?

    Yes, you can! There are particular colored hair extensions available just to be used on dyed hair.

    Do clip-in extensions fall out easily?

    Clip-in hair extensions do not fall out if you adjust them according to the instructions.

    They are so natural, and no one can tell that you have them on. Not unless you try to pull them out.

    So, only the extensions with a faulty clip can fall out. Also, you can easily replace a faulty clip.

    Can you put your hair up with clip-in extensions?

    Yes, you can do that, and it is a great look to flaunt! It will give you the extra volume you need.

    If you are using wefts that stick out, you might not be able to tie your hair up. But most of the regular clip-ins can be fixed into a bun or a tight ponytail.


    Clip-in hair extensions are a must-have in your hair accessories collections.

    They will not only save you from a bad hair day but also be your best friend when you have an emergency!

    Check out the colored and natural colored hair extension options that I have reviewed for you above and get yourself the ones that will assist you to look your best!

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