13 Best Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an ideal solution for girls who want something more to their natural hair or maybe looking to add a little oomph to their hair.

Celebrity stylists and influencers alike often use clip-in hair extensions to attain volume pack updos, lusciously long locks, and much more.

Clip-in extensions are not only for celebrities and influencers on your social feed. There are now tons of easy, readily available hair extension options you can put in yourself without professional help.

They will give your hair added length, volume, and cutting-edge salon-worthy hair, without having to visit the salon.

The celebrity stylist, Julius Michael, says, "We like to use extensions to give added volume to our clients.

Those who want a popular celebrity look, and for hair that lacks the fullness needed to create the perfect beach wave or to fashion a fuller, longer, sexy ponytail."

With clip-in hair extensions, you can execute all kinds of hair looks effortlessly—even if your natural hair is chopped or dried up.

What we love most about clip-in hair extensions is their ability to make you feel like a queen by giving you the freedom to be a total hair chameleon.

Today, online and physical beauty outlets are filled with numerous hair extensions from multiple brands due to their intense popularity.

It sounds like good news that you have a variety to choose from, but don't let that fool you as a dilemma can catch you for what option is best when you have such tons of options.

To lessen the hassle, we have cracked this research-backed guide for you.

Now channel your inner red carpet celebrity with hair extensions. We have compiled the list of top-quality clip-in hair extensions for you so you can enchant the evening with your gorgeous hair look.

DevaLook Full Head Wavy Curly Clip in Hair Extensions 

Color20"-Medium brown to honey blonde
MaterialSynthetic fiber
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeWavy, Curly, Straight
BrandDevaLook Hair Extensions

The rule with hair extensions is that you receive what you pay for, but with Devalook, you can find quality that's a little more affordable.

Celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer said, "DevaLook comes in a range that adds nice volume and is also easy to use."

While Devalook has better volume than some of the most expensive brands, it offers high-quality hair extensions that blend in as a convenient option.

The best thing about these hair extensions is that they remain soft even after rinsing. Perfect for a night out or when you want quick repair for a bad haircut.

It is made up of Synthetic fiber, so make sure not to heat it with hair equipment. So, go ahead, flex your new hair back and forth while you save some money on the side.

Full Shine Balayage Clip-in Extension

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeAll
BrandFull Shine

When you are looking for a top-class quality that is budget-friendly, too, then Full Shine Balayage hair extension is the optimal choice for you.

The brand Full Shine follows their brand tagline ritually "Make your life forever full of sunshine." They give women the confidence to shine they need with their High-quality hair extensions. The Full Shine Balayage hair extension is just one effort towards their mission. 

The clip-in hair extensions are made of 7A grade Brazilian hair that is not heavy on the budget.

Featuring fabulous color fading from 8 Ash Brown to 60 platinum blond, it is your go-to for a royal look.

This product comes in a 10 pieces design balayage that comes with stainless steel clips that sew perfectly for better stability.

Moreover, these are low-maintenance hair enhancers that you can easily apply and remove yourself with no damage to your hair.

Full Shine Dark Brown Clip in Hair Extensions 

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

In the world of hair extension, Full shine is a brand you can trust with your eyes closed.

These hair extensions are the same Full Shine Balayage clip-in hair extension but in a different vibing color - Dark brown. Shine freely with full shine amazing dark brown clip in hair extension.

These are seamless clip-In extensions with thick ends straight hair that is flexible and comfortable with non-slip and stainless clips.

Invisible tape weft that gives a more natural look than double weft 8 pieces clips. Full shine clip-in hair extensions are specifically made with an anti-shedding technique to ensure a high-end quality.

You can wear it easily and restyle it according to different occasions.

We recommend not wearing it during swimming and not brushing it when it's wet. Use hair equipment below 160 treatment. If cared for well, it can last up to 14 to 18 weeks.

HUAYI Medium Brown Clip In Hair Extensions

ColorDark Brown To Middle Brown To Strawberry Blonde
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeThick, Straight

For today's fashion, HUAYI brings a product that is made of top quality. HUAYI clip-in hair extension gives you mermaid-like hair that is crazy soft and flawless.

You can dye hair extension color and even curl them; they won't ditch you by becoming matte or damaged.

HUAYI is devoted to making you provide voluminous and glossy hair without breaking the bank.

These clip-in hair extensions are not only super comfy but also don't pull when you wear them all day long.

Not to mention that they are made with 10A human hair. The hair extension package comes with 7pcs double weft and 17 clips.

What makes HUAYI stand out is the value they provide to their customer.

The best part with HUAYI clip-in hair extensions is that you get a money return policy with lifetime customer service. So if you choose the wrong color then don't worry as you can easily get it replaced.

Full Shine Brown Clip in Hair Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

An industry favorite, Full shine is an excellent purchase time and time again. Brown shade with the naked or skinny clip-ins is perfect to shine on any occasion—they're easy to install and not too dense.

The Silicon strip and double weft in these clip-in extensions can lie flat against your scalp for a discreet and immaculate finish.

They are way more comfortable and breathable to add volume to hair. The package comes with 3 pieces to fully cover all the areas with a lace base's help.

While Full shine clip-in extensions especially adhere seamlessly in thinner hair types, they can be blended well with any type of hair as well.

Neat design to give you soft like wind fee. Plus, it is machine-made double weft hair bundles that last longer and never rust!

Moresoo Caramel Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeAll

If you have thick hair and are looking to turn up the volume further, you can go for Moresoo Caramel Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions.

Moresoo is the number one choice of most professional hairstylists. The reason is that they give you natural waves with an ergonomically designed 7 piece clip made with 100 Remy human hair.

The lace design fits your scalp more invisibly and perfectly covers your entire head.

There is no need to visit a parlor anymore when you have Moresoo's beautiful color range to select from.

These clip-in hair extensions are simple and easy to handle. You can style them however you desire. They seamlessly enable your dream look with Dark Brown mixed with yummilicious caramel blonde.

Moresoo Platinum Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Your hair, Moresoo will take care!
Moresoo Platinum Blonde clip-in hair extensions is another beautiful yet chic hair color of the popular brand.

If you are looking for straight, silky hair, you can opt for it even with your eyes closed. The 24-inch clip-in human hair extensions are made with real Remy hair.

Thickness packed and ergonomically designed 7 pieces to cover your full head perfectly.

Moresoo uses high-quality human hair so you can experience superior quality hair extensions at an affordable price.

You can easily wear these clip-in extensions without any professional help.

The color is perfect for a girl's day out or a night jam party. Plan a perfect blonde day with Moresoo. You will surely make everyone's heads turn!

Jet Black Clip In Hair Extensions

Color#1 Jet Black
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Want a real black color for a deep and dazzling personality? Pick on the Jet Black clip-in hair extensions.

This hair extension is specially crafted to match your natural black hair. So, say no more to shedding and tangling hair extensions and choose the best at a low price with Jet Black clip-in extensions.

Wearing these hair extensions means you have the best quality product with 9A grade Brazilian Remy human hair.

Brazilian is top-class human hair out of all human hair available in the market. This hair extension package has 7 Pieces that weigh 100g, including 16 clips double weft.

They are easy to put on and off and manage all along the day. With all of these qualities dawn and dusted, you can rest assured that you can reflect sunshine with these beautiful black hair extensions.

Ugeat Black to Wine Red Clip in Hair Extensions

ColorBala#1B/99J Off Black with Red Wine
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Here we have another gem, beautifully colored, Ugeat hair clip-in hair extensions.

Ugeat was founded by young ladies to enable more women to be praised because of their hair.

Ugeat Black to Wine Red clip-in hair extensions give you that glam and glossy look that everyone admires and desires.

These clip-in extensions are known for being smooth, silky quality, and longevity—they can last up to 12 weeks.

You can rest assured that your scalp and natural hair will stay safe with these hair extensions.

These extensions can be reused three times, but make sure that you're taking good care of your extensions the same way you would your real locks.

This careful maintenance is because these extension does not receive oil from the scalp like our natural hair.

Aison Clip in Hair Extensions Ombre Natural Black to Silver Gray

Changing the hairstyle as per one's choice is the dream of every woman, and those dreams wear the glow of reality with Aisen hair extensions.

The US trusted brand Aison specializes in creating fashion icon hair products. The manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to ensure a high-quality product is made from raw materials.

Aison clip-in hair extension is one of the best examples of Aison's excellence in the field.

Aison clip-in hair extensions with a mesmerizing color combination are for those who want beautiful hair without damaging their natural hair.

Made with 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair, these are the best choice for thick and silky straight hair.

Moreover, they come with a silicone pad to protect your scalp. So you never have to worry about the safety of your scalp. You are always in trusted hands with Aison's quality clip-in hair extensions.

Moresoo Ash Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeAll

Hair extensions seem like a bit of fun that adds beauty to your appearance. Great volume is beloved by consumers who want to know what exactly their extensions are made of.

Well, no shit, sherlock as Moresoo hair extensions are made of 100 percent Remy raw hair. So you can trust the brand's quality products that are not harmful to nature either.

The Ash Blonde hair extensions mixed with bleach blonde human hair are what you and every fashion enthusiast is looking for so long.

The fabulous color finish gives your overall look a level head. They are easy to put on so you can have your professional hair look at home.

You can't resist the beauty of these clip-in hair extensions with unique colors and powerful quality. The brand uses the latest technology PU weft for better results.

Moresoo Darkest Brown to Platinum Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

ColorBrown with Blonde #4/10/16
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Let Moresoo clip-in hair extension brings surprises to you every day by their variety of beautiful amazing colors!

Moresoo Darkest Brown to Platinum Blonde Clip in Hair extensions is a popular choice among young girls. The reason is straightforward - They are lighter, decent, and more invisible.

These hair extensions fit your scalp well and blend naturally with every type of hair. This design is a new version of ordinary lace weft that comes in 5 clips pack.

They don't get matte after use or bunch up at all and stay smooth longer than expected.

There is no need to wash frequently; wash only after 16-20 years. Fall in love with your thick and soft hair extension that makes your every movement full of confident charm.

Full Shine Straight Color Fading 6 Brown And 18 Ash Blonde Clip

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

How can we forget this another great color from our personal favorite Full shine brand?

The clip-in extensions "Full Shine Straight 6 Brown And 18 Ash Blonde Clip Color Fading" are bound to be the best yet affordable choice you can make.

This brand is particularly beloved for its longer-lasting extensions.

These brown to ash blonde hair extensions are fast to install and don't damage your hair, just like their other hair extensions coming from Full Shine.

Made with advanced technology that can last for 2 to 3 months, these clip-in extensions are a great option for you to give long hair a good go.

The only thing is to make sure to use a paddle or detangling hairbrush to protect them from damage.


What is the healthiest type of hair extensions?

Out of so many diverse ranges such as tape-ins, fusion, and microbeads, clip-in hair extensions are the safest.

They are probably the easiest way to get longer and voluminous hair. Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary means of hair extensions.

They enable your hair to breathe and give your hair bases a rest when the extensions are off from your hair.

Women wear clip-in hair extensions every day to achieve longer hair in just a few minutes at home with zero damage to their natural hair. Remy Hair is recommended among other human hair clip-in extensions.

What are the best clip-in hair extensions in the UK?

There are various hair extensions, but we personally recommend clip-ins as the easiest way to get the hair you've always dreamed of.

Unlike other extensions, clip-ins are light on the pocket and contain wefts of hair that can be directly clipped to your real hair at the root of the hair.

Our top picks for the best clip-in hair extensions are:

Full Shine

After reading this article, you might have already guessed until now how much we adore Full shine.

The brand lives up to its name and gives you a reason to shine at cheap rates. Not to mention that quality is guaranteed!


Moresoo is our second best pick for UK Clip in hair extensions because of its unmatched quality and easy-to-use structure.

You can always choose your favorite hair extension from their wide range of breath-taking colors.

Foxy Locks 12" Wrap Ponytail Clip In Extensions - Iced Latte

One of the most popular clip-in extensions that are not mentioned in this article (it deserves an extra piece of writing due to its unique features) is also the UK's best and top-quality hair extension.

Final Verdict

Clip-in hair extensions are a savior for women who want glamorous looks on the go.

There's no need to go to get professional help or visit a salon as you can wear your extensions by yourself. Perfect for a friend's day out, they add length and volume to your mane.

Best of all, you can put them off before bed! Such a great temporary option if you have short hair and desire long locks.

It's also a great way to test out a new color every time for every new occasion like ombré or balayage. Lengthy, thick, elegant hair in minutes – what's not to adore?

We recommend human hair extensions over synthetic hair. This is because human hair is made with 100% high quality that won't cause any allergic reactions after wearing it many times.

It is less likely to get tangled and give you a gorgeous natural look. With that being said, if you are suffering from alopecia, we strongly suggest consulting professional healthcare advice on whether wearing clip-in hair extensions is the right option for you.

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